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    Art and Artists

  • Janez Jevnikar: Spraypaint Spacescape artist.
    and read it in Slovenian
  • Patricia McCracken: fantasy art with an oriental theme
  • Sharon Young: Media-based artist

  • Book Reviews
  • The Famous Monster Art of Basil Gogos, edited by Kerry Gammill
  • James Bama: American Realist, by Brian Kane

  • Authors

  • Mary Shelley - mother of science fiction: author of Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus

  • H.P. Lovecraft, a brief overview

  • Interviews - Book Authors
  • Jean-Noel Bassior, author of Space Patrol: Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television
  • Roy P. Webber, author The Dinosaur Films of Ray Harryhausen
  • Tom De Haven - author of It's Superman
  • Marshall Thomas, author: Soldier of the Legion


  • Matt Sanborn: Call of Cthulhu Role Playing


  • Steve Vertlieb: Entertainment journalist

  • Books

    Critical Mass:
    (For new and retro reviews, see the Book reviews section)

  • Public Domain science fiction and fantasy available from Project Gutenberg
  • Kindle Kindlings: A Catalog of science fiction offered by Amazon to be read on the Kindle

    Juvenile Series

    Tom Swift, by various Victor Appleton's

  • Tom Swift Sr., Jr. III, and IV Checklist

    Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, by Carey Rockwell

  • Stand By For Mars!: Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: Series Overview
  • Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: Stand By For Mars!

    Mike Mars, by Donald Wolheim

  • Mike Mars: The Stars His Destination
  • Mike Mars, Astronaut
  • Mike Mars Flies the X-15
  • Mike Mars at Cape Canaveral

  • Books for Adults

  • Atlantis Found, by Clive Cussler, criticism by Justine Flood
  • Terry Pratchett Discworld Sourcebook
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Bruno, by F. E. Daniel: criticism by Ryan Brennan
  • Rocket to the Morgue Revisited
  • Rocket to the Morgue Time Travelers' Guide 1942
  • 2050: Gods of Little Earth, by Joseph Zornado
  • Book Series in Chronological Order

  • The Honor Harrington Series


  • War of the Worlds (1953) Lobby Cards

  • Superheroes in the Third Dimension: Comic Book Statuettes, Busts, etc.

  • Collectibles offered with DVD releases in Japan


  • Avengers Artland (John Steed and Emma Peel): Where it is always 1966

  • Timelash: The Evolution of Superman

  • Superheroes in the Third Dimension: Comic Book Statuettes, Busts, etc.


    Conventions Listings

  • US Conventions Sorted By Date
  • US Conventions Sorted By Location
  • Conventions Around the World
  • Con-tact: Convention Reports

  • Tales of Conventions Past: RiverCons, CaveCons, Kublai Kahns from the 70s and 80s
  • Preview: Williamsburg Film Festival (2006)
  • A Space Cadet at Williamsburg Film Festival (2006)
    (12 pages of coverage)

  • Con-tact: Report on the 2007 Williamsburg Film Festival. Download free 19-page PDF there also.

  • July 21, 2007: The Final Harry Potter Party

  • Downloads

    Book Indexes
  • <Asimov on Science Fiction Index
  • Movies
  • 1950s Science Fiction Film Checklist - by year
  • 1950s Science Fiction Film Checklist - alphabetical


  • Twilight Zones checklist

  • Editorials

  • Boards of Directors and Their Responsibilities
  • Project Gutenberg and Distributed Proofreaders
  • Why do girls still suck at math?
  • Seven reasons to read our blog: Daily Space


  • From Russia With Love
  • Peter Jackson's King Kong


  • Interview with Sara Gerhart, co-creator of You N It
  • Matt Sanborn: Call of Cthulhu Role Playing


  • Janez Jevnikar: Spraypaint Spacescape artist
  • Patricia McCracken - fantasy artsist
  • Sharon Young-media based artist


  • Tom De Haven, author: It's Superman
  • Marshall Thomas, author: Soldier of the Legion


  • Roy P. Webber, author The Dinosaur Films of Ray Harryhausen
  • Jean-Noel Bassior, author of Space Patrol: Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television


  • Steve Vertlieb: Entertainment journalist


  • Martin Arlt: Publisher, Mad Scientist magazine

    Editors, Agents and Translators

  • Davey Beauchamp: editor, Writers for relief
    Agents, editors, translators
  • John Jarrold, book agent and former editor
  • Robert Soubie, translator of Stanley Weinbaum


  • Matt Sanborn: Call of Cthulhu Role Playing

  • Movie Makers/Appreciators
  • The Summoning Dark: A Film Treatment of Thud!
  • Bruce Crawford: Film Festival Organizer Extraordinaire
  • Rich Knight: Special Effects and Makeup
  • Conor Timmis: The Man Who Would Be Karloff
  • Adrian Sherlock, creator of Damon Dark


  • Interview with Sara Gerhart, co-creator of You N It


  • David Schecter: Monstrous Movie Music

    Radio Drama

  • Simon Bovey: Scripter of Cold Blood and Voice of God.
  • Bert Coules


  • John Kenneth Muir - The House Between


  • Tom Carrozza: Playwright/Star of Area 51: The Musical
  • Noel Katz: Wrote the songs and music to Area 51: The Musical

  • Magazines

  • Epi-Log: Issue 2: Episode guides for classic TV series from the 60s and 80s

  • Film Fax Index


  • Star Trek Fanzines: Covers
  • Star Trek Fanzines: Table of Contents

    Interviews with publishers

  • Publisher, Mad Scientist magazine


  • The Sand Rock Sentinel: news ripped from the headlines of 1950s sci fi movies.


  • Frankenstein (1931)
  • Forbidden Planet (1956)

  • The Last Starfighter (1984)
  • Them! (1954)
  • The Thief of Bagdad (1940)
  • This Island Earth (1955)
  • Thunderball (1965)
  • Village of the Damned (1960)
  • Dark Star

  • Reviews
  • Kreating Karloff

    Independent DVD releases

  • Frankenstein vs the Creature from Blood Cove

    Reviews - New Films

  • Serenity (2005)
  • Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005)
  • Daniel Craig's Casino Royale (2006)
  • Transformers (2007)
  • Stardust, (2007)directed by Matthew Vaughn

  • I Am Legend,(2007) starring Will Smith


  • Incompleat Complete SF Movie Citations in Books

  • Music

    Soundtrack Reviews
  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • Monstrous Movie Music's Mighty Joe Young
  • Monstrous Movie Music's This Island Earth
  • Monstrous Movie Music
  • More Monstrous Movie Music
  • The Creature From the Black Lagoon
  • The Blob and The Intruder
  • A Scanner Darkly
  • The Music's By Barry. John Barry: John Barry's work on the James Bond franchise
  • Reviews - Cast Albums
    Cast Albums
  • The Last Starfighter: The Musical

    Concept Albums

  • Kadath-The Dream Quest

  • Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005), review by Roy Webber
  • Retro Review: The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao

  • Articles

  • Max Steiner's King Kong Score on CD
  • Unknown Music From Dream-Quest of Kadath

    The News Stalker

    List of news releases for all media

  • Indexes

    Radio Drama

  • Simon Bovey: Cold Blood and Voice of God
  • Bert Coules: BBC Radio Writer


  • Listen Again and Again and Again on the Web: Science Fiction Comedy and Drama on BBC 7
  • Science fiction on Suspense.

    Script Transcriptions

  • Light's Out's "The Chicken Heart"
  • The Adventures of Superman: Batman's Great Mystery

  • Listen to Radio Episodes!
  • Listen to Jack Benny as a Martian in Suspense's "Plan X".
  • The Chicken Heart and Bill Cosby's version
  • Listen to 5 episodes of Tom Corbett: Space Cadet

    Convention Enactments

  • Radio play Tom Corbett: "Project Enigma", Williamsburg 2006

  • Reviews

    Book Reviews
    So many books...we have placed the index to these books on their separate page. Please go to the Book Reviews Sitemap Page.

    Science Faction

  • Scientists Database

    Marine Science:

  • Oceanography News Headlines
  • Marine Technopedia
  • Marine Bibliography

    Space Science

  • SpaceNews Headlines
  • Space Technopedia
  • Space Bibliography

    Air and Space

  • Women in Air and Space: A database of female pilots and astronauts as referenced in books

    Short Stories

    The Plot Zone: Plot and critical analysis of short stories.


  • The Thunder Child Store Index


  • The Cave Canem

  • TechnoOcean Academy: Oceanography
  • Fiction - Serial

    The Ocean Avengers - first chapter uploaded October 1


  • Inheriting the Madness: the SF Ouvre of Steve Ihnat
  • The Outer Limits: The Inheritors
  • Star Trek: Whom Gods Destroy
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
  • See and hear your favorite SF authors at YouTube!
  • Animation Fascination: Animation and puppeteering in British TV
  • Science Fiction on TV: (English speaking)1950-1989
  • Rocket Fins and Ray Guns: 1950s Science Fiction TV

    Episode Guides

  • Twilight Zones checklist

  • The Sci-Fi Channel: The First Two Years
  • Star Trek and the ABE
  • Star Trek fanzines cover gallery
  • Star Trek fanzines TOCs
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - an overview
  • Overview of Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation Ouvre
  • Science Fiction in The Saint
  • Walt Disney's Disneyland: Tomorrowland

    Book Reviews

  • Space Patrol: Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television, by Jean-Noel Bassior
  • Sourcebooks

    The Avengers

  • An overview, plus fan fiction!

    Space Patrol

  • A Photo Tribute to Ed Kemmer, by Jean-Noel Bassior.
  • Space Patrol Behind the Scenes Photos, Exclusives! by Jean-Noel Bassior.
  • Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Photobook, "Escape Into Space" episode

  • Theatre


  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Plays and Musicals


  • Tom Carrozza: Playwright/Star of Area 51: The Musical
  • Noel Katz: Wrote the songs and music to Area 51: The Musical

  • Productions
  • The Poison Belt, based on the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle (1950)


  • Area 51: The Musical

    Reviews: Theater soundtracks

  • The Last Starfighter: The Musical
  • Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds

  • The Timelash

  • Spaceman's Luck: A Tribute to Frankie Thomas (1921-2006)
  • Frankie Laid to Rest, shared by Jan Merlin

    Production People

  • Val Guest: Guest Appearances (1911-2006)

  • Events (Time Sensitive)
  • Harryhausen Dazzles Dallas (May, 2006)
  • 75th anniversary: Boris Karloff's Frankenstein: June 23, 2006: The Art Institute of California - Orange County
  • Val Guest at the American Cinematheque: June Schedule at the Egyptian Theatre

  • Travel

    United States: Virginia
  • Cheseapeake Bay Crater Rim, Gloucester, Virginia

    Photo Tour of Midwich: Letchmore Heath, England, location for Village of the Damned


  • The Tomb of Jules Verne in Amiens


  • Harryhausen Permanent Exhibit, FilmMuseum, Berlin
  • Dinosaur Park in Kaiserslautern, Germany


  • Star Trek Quiz

    Other websites hosted by The Thunder Child

  • Lessons in Leadership From Lucrezia Borgia: Business Books for Women Entrepreneurs
  • The Lady Vols: WCBB Standard Bearers
  • The Face and the Voice: Clive Francis
  • The Avengers fan fiction
  • Learn German the Avengers Way!

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