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The Summoning Dark

Film Treatment: The Summoning Dark

Terry Pratchett

Status: Part 5 uploaded September 22, 2008

How can someone who has no connections with Hollywood - or any other film-making center of the world, write a film treatment for a great novel such as Thud! and have it brought to the attention of someone with the wherewithal to buy the rights from Terry Pratchett, and make the film?

We're going to do it by putting the film treatment on YouTube, and hoping that it will gather together enough fans who feel that yes, this is the way this book should be brought to the big screen.

New scenes will be uploaded on a regular basis.

(As an aside, it is a quirk of YouTube that my Title Card never shows up as the Title Card of the YouTube film. They always seem to choose something from the middle of it! So don't blame the uninteresting "covers" below on me!

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

Part One - uploaded September 13, 2008

Part Two - uploaded September 14, 2008

Part Three - uploaded September 16, 2008

Part Four (pt 1) - uploaded September 18, 2008

Part Four (pt 2) - uploaded September 19, 2008

Part Five - uploaded September 22, 2008

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