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"Stand By For Mars!"
Books Index
The Thunder Child - Critical Mass

Index of books critically analyzed at The Thunder Child.

For reviews and retro reviews of books, see the Reviews Index Page.

This section updated 1/26/08

Critical Mass Sources
  • Terry Pratchett Discworld Sourcebook

  • Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: Series Overview
  • Stand By For Mars!

  • Mike Mars: Series Overview
  • Mike Mars, Astronaut
  • Mike Mars Flies the X-15
  • Mike Mars at Cape Canaveral

  • The Strange Case of Dr. Bruno, by F. E. Daniel: criticism by Ryan Brennan

  • Rocket to the Morgue Revisited
  • Rocket to the Morgue: Time Travelers' Guide 1942

  • 2050: Gods of Little Earth, critiqued by Dr. Russell Potter

  • Book Series in Chronological Order
  • Tom Swift Sr., Jr. III, and IV Checklist
  • The Honor Harrington "Honorverse" , by David Weber

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