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Archives Sections

Here we interview science fiction and fantasy artists and talk about their work, for example, Ian Duerden, Patricia McCracken and Sharon Young.
We interview authors of both fiction and non-fiction books, and critique the work of classic writers such as Mary Shelley and H. G. Wells.

In this section we critique classic works of science fiction and fantasy. Currently we're working on juvenile series such as Mike Mars and Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.
Lobby cards from movies such as The Time Machine, posters, and other collectibles are covered here.

From classic science fiction comics to superhero comics such as Spiderman and Star Wars. Online comic strips count as well.
We have convention calendars sorted by date and by location, and we will have coverage on as many conventions as possible.

From console games like James Bond to role playing games to board games, you'll eventually find it here!
Anyone involved in science fiction and fantasy media who has an interesting story to tell will be interviewed here.

From non-fiction magazines like Forry Ackerman's Spacemen to Starlog, to fiction magazines from the beginning of science fiction's history, we'll cover it here.
As long as there's been movies, there's been science fiction and fantasy fare. We will cover it all.

Soundtracks to movies, cast albums for theater productions. Discussions on the artists who create the music.
Radio Drama
"Old-time radio" is a favorite among nostalgia buffs, but there's also a lot of spoken word audio out there, and over in England radio drama flourishes.

Reviews Index
Our list of reviews of books, movies, and games.
Short Stories
Our Plot Zone database is under construction. Every plot of every science fiction story every written...

From the 1950s to the 2000s, around the world, we cover sci fi and fantasy TV.
The first science fiction book was Frankenstein, so was the first science fiction play. We cover the history of science fiction theatre.

From conventions held around the world to museums, to statues of famous authors, we travel the world.

The Timelash
Under construction. A chronological history of science fiction fandom, births and deaths and everything in between.


Under construction. Essays on marine and space science.


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    We provide PDF files of various kinds: tables of content for anthology books, indexes for non-fiction books without indexes, movie checklists, etc. New files are uploaded on an irregular basis.

  • TechnoOcean
    Here we have two features: Learn oceanography at TechnoOcean Academy, and read our future fiction serial: The Ocean Avengers.

  • Daily Space Blog
    This blog is updated at least once a day, sometimes two or three times. Topics covered are working notes on each month's issues, space and ocean headlines, quizzes, media reviews...stuff like that. If you're interested in seeing how a monthly web magazine gets put together, make sure you check it out!

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