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This contest's prize: a copy of The Star Trek Interview Book (1988)!

1. Name the two episodes in which Mr. Sulu (George Takei) gets to show off his fencing skills.

2. This episode featured the first interacial kiss on American television.

3. Name the episodes in which Lt. Uhuru sang.

4. "Spock! Cover your eyes!" From which episode does this quote come?

5. "Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk." From which episode does this quote come?

6. In how many episodes were there no guest-stars. Name them.

7. Of what does a lirpa consist?

8. Who was Kirk's nemesis at the Academy?

9. Name the episode in which Dr. McCoy says, "I'm a doctor, not a mechanic."

10. The Horta, from "Devil in the Dark" was a creature similar to one which appeared in this early Isaac Asimov short story.

11. Kirk played Fizzbin in this episode.

12. Who did Kirk kill to become Captain of the Enterprise in the episode "Mirror, Mirror."

13. In what episode did Spock first use the mind-meld, and on whom. For BONUS points, in how many other episodes did he use the mind-meld?

14. In what episode was Spock happy for the first time in his life?

15. In 1958, William Shatner appeared opposite this actress in the play "The World of Suzie Wong." He and the actress were reunited in this episode. Name it.

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