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Epi-log #2: Classic Television Episode Guides
Review by Caroline Miniscule

The magazine from the 1990s that gave complete listings of classic science fiction episodes.


Today, if you want to find out about a particular episode of a particular television program, chances are you can go online to one of many reference sites - for example or, and find not only an episode guide but also everything else you could ever want to know about that particular program. [Although, it is well to be cautious. Many fine people contribute to Wikipedia but there are no controls, and anyone can go in and change around data. It is best, therefore, to verify Wikipedia data through other sources as well. IMDB should be verified as well.]

However, in the early 1990s, before the Internet really took off, if you wanted to find out the name of an actor from a certain episode of a TV show, you were pretty much out of luck. There were a handful of episode guide books available for the classic shows such as Dr. Who and Star Trek, but most shows were not given the book treatment.

That's why Epi-log: The Television Fanzine of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure was such a great resource. [And a good resource to have to check against what's online.]

Epi-Log was published by William E. Anchors, Jr., and made its debut in 1990. Each issue featured episode guides to between 8-9 TV series, from both England and the United States.

Epi-log was a fan magazine, so it sometimes had a bit more errors than you might expect to see. In this issue, for example, the third season of Beauty and the Beast is missing. And, advertised on the cover were Galactica: 1980 and Battlestar Galactica, but guides for these were not included.

Back cover of Epi-Log.
In viewing Epi-Log #2, published in August 1990, you can see episode guides for the following programs:

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea:

  • First episode aired: September 16, 1964
    1st season: 32 episodes
  • Second season episode aired: September 19, 1965
    2nd season: 26 episodes
  • Third season episode aired: September 18, 1966
    3rd season: 26 episodes
  • Fourth season episode aired: September 17, 1967
    4th season: 26 episodes

  • Lost in Space:

  • First episode aired: September 15, 1965
    1st season: 29 episodes
  • Second season began: September 16, 1966
    2nd season: 30 episodes
  • Third season began : September 6, 1967
    3rd season: 23 episodes

    The Time Tunnel:

  • First episode aired: September 9, 1966
    1st season: 29 episodes

    Land of the Giants:

  • First episode aired: September 22, 1968
    1st season: 26 episodes
  • 2nd season began September 21, 1969
    2nd season: 25 episodes

    Irwin Allen's Swiss Family Robinson:

  • First episode aired: September 7, 1975
    1st season: 21 episodes

    Return of Captain Nemo:

  • First episode aired: March 8, 1978
    1st season: 3 episodes

    Beauty and the Beast:

  • Pilot aired Sep 25, 1987
    1st season: 22 episodes
  • 2nd season began November 18, 1988
    2nd season: 22 episodes
  • 3rd season began December 12, 1989
    Apart from episode one, the third season guide is missing. has a page which lists which episode guides are in which issue. However, they appear to have taken the information from the covers, rather than an actual look at the contents. For example, their description of issue 2 includes the two Galacticas.

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