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Volume 1, Issue #6
"Stand By For Mars!"
June 2006

Press Release: The 75th Anniversary of Frankenstein (1931)

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Colin Clive and Boris Karloff


The 75th Anniversary of Frankenstein

Debuting June 23, 2006

Including Appearances by The Frankenstein Monster and 1931 Frankenstein legacy Sara Karloff

Santa Ana, California, May 21, 2006 - Starring international film, and TV sensation Boris Karloff as the title character, Universal's first Frankenstein film came to life in 1931. For horror film fans, the legacy of Frankenstein is incalculable as Frankenstein spawned five original sequels and countless imitators. Universal makeup supervisor Jack Pierce was called upon to realize the unforgettable makeup for Boris Karloff in the movie and his likeness has become an internationally recognizable icon. Now, a very special celebration of the film is planned at the Art Institute of California's will pay tribute to the film with a series of unique multi-media creative projects organized into the eight different subjects of study at the Orange County campus:

GAME ART & DESIGN students will be creating a plan for a video game based on THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER meeting ABBOTT AND COSTELLO, including character action, designs, movement, structures, environments, and complete storyboard elements

ANIMATION students will develop a short comic title sequence and animated segment based on an original ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN script

GRAPHIC DESIGN students will create a mini-magazine and print elements based on the original 1931 FRANKENSTEIN text and art

ADVERTISING students will create a poster and campaign celebrating the year-long 75th anniversary of FRANKENSTEIN

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN students will create sculpted FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER character head busts based on official Universal studios artwork

INTERIOR DESIGN students will create an original design for a CASTLE FRANKENSTEIN and will physically design and dress an auditorium for the movie premiere using original 1931 props and set pieces

CULINARY ARTS & MANAGEMENT students will create chocolate FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER busts and will design and prepare "monster"-themed foodstuffs for the premiere

INTERACTIVE MEDIA DESIGN students will create a multidimensional website celebrating the 75th anniversary of FRANKENSTEIN

In addition to the multimedia projects that the students will create, additional bonuses will include:

* Noted personality Sara Karloff (Boris' only child) distributing certificates to the approximately 50 students who complete the weeklong program

* Acclaimed makeup artist Rob Burman re-creating the original Frankenstein Monster likeness during a morning demonstration, using advanced makeup and costume techniques

* Presence of an original two-time life-size Frankenstein monster bust created by sculptor Brent Armstrong

* Distribution of official Frankenstein merchandise to participants, including consumer products, DVDs and more.

* EXTRA SPECIAL - Volunteer students will be requested to participate in a new Frankenstein music-video-style movie, including actual footage from the original 1931 film

June 23, 2006 - 8AM-3PM
3601 W. Sunflower Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704-7931

CONTACT - Art Institute of California - Orange County
Scott Essman
Academic Coordinator
(626) 963-0635

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