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Vol 1, Issue #10
"Stand By For Mars!"
October, 2006
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The Thunder Child: Collectibles

Heroes in the Third Dimension
Compiled by Caroline Miniscule

Comic book superheroes in the shape of statuettes and figurines.

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As soon as the genre of the comic book became popular - with the creation of recognizable, brightly costumed super heroes, companies began producing collectibles to entice the comic book fan.

These first collectibles were aimed at children rather than adults, but it has been many decades since comic books were aimed at children. Pick up any book today and the action is as violent as it ever was, but it's also dark, cynical...and costs over two dollars a piece.

With a more affluent buying public, more sophisticated collectibles were offered.

Below is a selection of "cold cast" porcelain statues and other items from the 1990s. They are "out of print" but can still be purchased at (use a link to the right, type in DC Direct in the search box), in comic shops or on Ebay. (Caveat emptor.)

Superman is the ultimate science fiction hero.


Superman and Supergirl
Original cost: $194.99

Golden Age Superman
Original cost $149.99

Superman Kingdom Come.
Original cost $149.99

The City of Kandor
Original cost $174.99

Batman Pocket Watch
Original price: $89.99

Superman Pocket Watch
Original price: $89.99

Batman and Robin are perhaps the antithesis of Superman, for neither character had super powers. However, Batman qualifies as a science fiction character over the course of his career because of the many super tools he has invented to fight crime.

Batman and Robin also guest-starred on the Superman radio show during the 1940s, although they never managed to get a series of their own. They also teamed up for a while in World's Finest Comics.

Batman and Robin

Golden Age
Batman and Robin
A replica of the comic cover that introduced Robin the Boy Wonder
Original price: $194.99

Original price: $99.99

The Dark Knight
Original price: $194.99

Anime style Robin

Bat Signal
Original price: $149.99

Wonder Woman

Wonderwoman and Wondergirl

Wonderwoman snowglobe.

Wonderwoman watch

Golden Age Characters

Original cost: $79.99

The Flash and Captain Cold
Original cost: $124.99

Denny Colt/The Spirit
Character created by Will Eisner
Original cost: $149.99

Captain Marvel
Original cost: $149.99

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