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Blogs and Message Boards Online Games/ Games
  • The Greenbriar Picture Show

    Message Boards

  • Science Fiction EZBoard
  • The Classic Horror Film Board.
    Includes science fiction. Very informative.
  • Stop Motion Animation Message Boards
  • The Nautilus Models and Discussion Forums
  • USS Thunderchild Simulation Game

  • Pentari: First Light (Commercial site for an interactive science-fiction/fantasy game)
  • Movie Tributes Science Fact
  • MJ Simpson's Cult Movies and the People Who Make Them
  • Can you tell the name of the film if the actors have been removed, and only their clothing left behind?
  • Things to Come (1936)
  • The Mercury Program
  • Space Frontier Foundation
  • The Unmuseum
  • Writers Books
    Scriptwriters/Movie Makers
  • Gary Westfahl's Biographical Encylopedia of Science Fiction Film

    Jules Verne

  • Zvi Har' El's Jules Verne Collection

    H. G. Wells

  • The H. G. Wells Society
  • Tom Swift Public Domain book texts
  • Magazines and webzines Art
  • On the web since 1996!
  • CreatureScape: Garage model kits. Published on CD Rom.
  • www.locusmag.comLocus Online. The pre-eminent science fiction magazine
  • Quantum Muse: Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free.
  • Sci Fi Dimensions: A weekly webzine
  • - Your source for science fiction on the net!"
  • Art
  • Sommerland. The tiny green dragon on The Thunder Child banner is © Sommerland. Lots of cool dragons there.
  • Dana Augustine - bookcovers, mastheads, illustrations

    Model kits

  • Monster Jones. A gallery of his models, plus kits and building services for sale

  • Other websites hosted by The Thunder Child

  • Lessons in Leadership From Lucrezia Borgia: Business Books for Women Entrepreneurs
  • The Lady Vols: WCBB Standard Bearers
  • Winged Victory: Women in Aviation
  • The Face and the Voice: Clive Francis
  • The Avengers fan fiction
  • Learn German the Avengers Way!
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