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Pat Summitt: Women's College Basketball Standardbearer

2008-2009 will be known as the season of the "Baby Vols". The Lady Vols have five freshmen starting, the first time this has happened in a long time.

The current record of the Lady Vols (as of January 30, 2009) is 16 - 4. Pat Summitt's Lady Vols have won 999 games... all the media will be out in force on Monday, February 2.

This is a small site dedicated to Pat Summitt.


<<<> One of two new books on Pat Summitt and her Tennessee Lady Vols. (Shouldn't they have waited until after this year, when she'd have her 1,000 win???)

If you're a new fan of Pat Summitt, or of women's college basketball, there are a few websites you should check out.

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  • Today, the United States is going through quite an economic crisis. Businesses are paring down...people are losing their jobs. In times like never know what can happen. At least one University of Tennessee booster is recommending ending the position of the Women's Sports Athletic Director at UT... will the woman who holds that position replace the man currently in the men's Athletic Director spot, who would then be responsible for both men's and women's sports? Of course not! Just as there are no female coaches in any men's sports at the Division I level (or not enough to write home about) but dozens of male coaches on the female side, so you will not find any men's department headed by a woman.

  • While girls and women have more opportunity to excel in sports and the sciences then ever before, most of them don't seem to be taking advantage of the opportunity to be all they can be, and are rather settling for getting pregnant at a young age, and settling into a Section 8 home with their baby, and if they know the name of the father of their child, they may get a support check every once in a while.

    I blame the media. Sure there's plenty of "strong" female characters in the crime dramas, but in the sit-coms? Blah. In the commercials? Especially the late night commercials or those on during sports broadcasts. Boys and girls are taught from a very young age that girls are on this planet to provide eyecandy to boys - no more and no less. It's a rare girl who can rise above that. Sure - there are hundreds of thousands of girls and women who do -- but considering the population of the US... not enough.

    So, support your daughter or sister when she plays sports. Or when she competes in spelling bees or math contests, and so on. Empower yourself!


    See Pat's new ESPN commercial, as well as other videos, at You Tube: Pat Summitt Videos.

    News articles on the cancellation of the Lady Vols/UConn Game

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    August 14, 2007
    See the 2007-2008 Season Schedule

    For all coverage, go to the official Lady Vols website.

    July 6, 2007
    New video added: Pat coaching her son's AAU team. "You can't say "You can't" to me."
    Latest Lady Vols Videos

    June 8, 2007
    UT-UConn Marquee matchup no more
    The WCBB sportsworld is buzzing as UConn issued a press release stating that Tennessee has declined to extend the marquee match-up series between the two elite teams.

    Ironically, a book on this rivalry is due to be published in November.

    June 6, 2007
    Pat Summitt attended what Lady Vols fans hope will be the final game in the College Softball World Series, to watch Monica Abbott pitch. The Lady Vols lost in extra innings.

    May 4, 2007:
    It's Still a Man's World at UT: Tennessee's Thompson-Boling Arena is being refurbished and a new practice facility is being built, thanks to the generosity of donors last year. It didn't happen because up until that time Pat Summitt had won 6 championships, it happened because new men's coach Bruce Pearl made it to the Final Four.

    April 11, 2007
    Listen to the Yardbarker audio of the Pat Summitt interview with Chris Yandek

    April 10, 2006:
    ESPN interviews Pat Summitt about Don Imus' remarks, winning Championship #7

    April 3, 2007:
    The Tennessee Lady Vols coached by Pat Summitt win NCAA Championship #7

    Pat Summitt cuts down the net of Championship #7

    What's next for Women's College Basketball?

    Official Tennessee Lady Vols Website: Features video highlights, and audio interviews with Pat Summitt after every game.

  • The history of women's college basketball will be told by following the storied history of the Tennessee Lady Vols and Pat Summitt.

    As time goes by this site will grow with:

  • in-depth histories on the growth of women's college basketball
  • histories of the coaches and their teams
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  • Pat Summitt became head coach at Tennessee in 1974. She was a 22 year old graduate student and made about $8,000 a year. Over 30 years and 6 NCAA championships later, she became in 2006 the first female basketball coach to earn a salary of over a million dollars a year.

    In contrast, the men's basketball team has never won an NCAA championship. After an excellent first year, coach Bruce Pearl received a raise. In his second year as the coach of the Tennessee Vols, he will make only slightly less than Pat Summitt.


    Payback Time: Feb 27, 2007
    Last year the Lady Vols lost at Duke, in a game in which the "Cameron Crazies" were extremely vicious to Alexis Hornbuckle because of a shoplifting incident in her high-school past (apparently a graduation prank gone wrong.)

    Pat had told men's head coach Bruce Pearl about that unpleasant atmosphere, and Pearl decided to show his support for the Lady Vols by standing in the Vols' student section, stripped to the waist, face and chest painted orange, for the first several minutes of the Lady Vols home game against Duke this year (which they unfortunately lost.)

    Tonight, Pat Summitt returned the favor. During the first media timeout, she entered the court surrounded by the rest of the cheerleading crew, who parted as she started to sing Rocky Top into a hand-held microphone. She then placed her hat on Dick Vitale's head, and got onto the knees of two of her staff, Dean Lockwood and Holly Warlick, while supported by Nikki Caldwell, as a short pyramid.

    The crowd went wild.

    And the Vols beat the #4 Gators going away!

    © ESPN 2007

    View the complete video at

    New: Download a free PDF table of contents for Pat Summitt's Raise the Roof.

    February 25, 2007
    With a 20-point win over Vanderbilt today, the Tennessee Lady Vols are undefeated in SEC conference play for the 8th time in Pat Summitt's tenure. They are now virtually assured a 'lock' on a number one seed for the NCAA championship, regardless of how they do in the Conference tournament, which will begin in Duluth, Georgia on March 2, 2007. The NCAA tournament begins on March 17.

    Jan 6, 2007: Lady Vols vs Huskies Rivalry Continues
    UConn shows heart and rallies in 2nd half, but fall to the Vols 70-64

    Candace Parker dunks against UConn, 6th career dunk

    A relieved Pat Summitt smiles after the game

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