2008-2009 will be known as the season of the "Baby Vols". We have five freshmen starting, the first time this has happened in a long time.

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The Lady Vols at the Old Dominion Monarchs, December 22, 2006

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See a 20-second and a 25-second video of Lady Vols practice drills.

These photos are not in crystal-clear focus, and I apologize for that. It was the camera! Yeah, that's it.

There are not a lot of game-action shots, for I was up in the nose-bleed seats.

I had hoped to be able to record the reactions of the coaches and bench players to the action on the floor, but my camera wouldn't cooperate. By the time I could get it to take the picture, the facial expressions I wanted to record had long gone.

Nevertheless, I hope that these photos will convey the experience of seeing a Lady Vols game in person.

Pre-Game Action

The Ted Constant Convocation Center as viewed from the free parking ramp next door. The line in the center is for the student's entrance. The entrance for the rest of us was around the corner and to the right.

The line to get in. Lots of orange shirts in the crowd.
One hour before game time.

The entrance from which the Monarchs would come.

The general rule of thumb is not to show a lot of the same types of photos, as I do below. Well, I show 'em all because it just gives an idea of what the team does during their warm-ups!

I arrived at the stadium at about 4 pm. After a brief wait, we were allowed in. The Vols were already on the floor, practicing their shooting. At the opposite end, the ODU cheerleaders were practicing.

To start with, their were only 7 Vols on the floor. Eventually the others showed up.
<---- Note now there are 9 players on the floor.

After shooting, they started running up and down the floor in various patterns, and then began stretching.

After the shoot around, the Vols ran up and down the complete length of the court, and also from side to side. They high-stepped running forward, and they high-stepped running backward, as demonstrated here.

After running down the court, and practicing falling backward, they broke out stretching straps and spent five minutes stretching, sometimes with the help of the trainer.

Meeting of minds, before they leave the court.

Coach Wendy Larry had won her 500th game just a couple of days ago. There was a ceremony center court before the game started. Pat presented her with the game ball, and they hugged. Not only are they facing away from me, they're also facing away from the TV cameras that were recording the game.

[Pre-game] [Game] [Post-game]