2008-2009 will be known as the season of the "Baby Vols". We have five freshmen starting, the first time this has happened in a long time.

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The Lady Vols at the Old Dominion Monarchs, December 22, 2006

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Game Action

Team captains meet with referees at the center of the court.
"Let's have a good clean game."

The tipoff

Try as I might, I could rarely get Pat in focus. She was constantly prowling the sidelines or calling directions.

These are a selection throughout the game.

Pat watching the team.

Pat watching the team

Pat glares at Bobbitt, after returning Bobbit to the game late in the 2nd half. She'd benched her for driving to the basket and losing the ball

Game's almost over, win is assured,
but Pat is not pleased with the play of her team.

Bench watches the first-half action

Bench watches the first-half action

Substitutes in the game

Substitutes in the game

Substitutes in the game

At the bench. Nice shoes.

Pat sat on the bench til about 2 minutes into the game, when Bobbitt picked up her first foul. After that she rarely sat back down.

Bench watches play

Bench watching play.

More bench watching.

ODU cheerleaders and Mascot entertain during a time out

2nd half. Bobbitt pulled right after missing a dribble drive, and not happy

Sidney benched a bit later.

Cait running the point.

Laughing on the bench.

Would be a nice shot if only it were in focus.

Bench watching play.

Pat instructing Candace and Cait

Bench watching

Cait had dove for a loose ball. Was taken out to get her hand wrapped.
Didn't go back in until the last two minutes.

Alexis about to sit down....The last minute of the game.

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