2008-2009 will be known as the season of the "Baby Vols". We have five freshmen starting, the first time this has happened in a long time.

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News reports on the cancellation of The Game

(Bloggers have had much to say on the subject. They are not included here. Also note most articles come from newspapers in Connecticut.)

June 12, 2007 ESPN: Women's Basketball Lady Vols decide not to renew contract to face UConn
June 12, 2007 ESPN: Women's Basketball Here's to hoping all good things don't have to end
Sept 9, 2007 Courant Summitt Wants Focus On Other Rivalries
Sept 20, 2007 Courant Till We Meet Again
Sept 25, 2007 ESPN: Women's Basketball UConn coach says Summitt should explain; she says she did
Sept 25, 2007 Courant Geno: No More Comments On Series' End
Sept 28, 2007 Courant A Sign Of Why Vols Vs. Huskies Is Over