2008-2009 will be known as the season of the "Baby Vols". We have five freshmen starting, the first time this has happened in a long time.

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The strength of schedule of the 25 top-ranked WCBB teams

This list is sorted by the team's ranking at the beginning of the season, before any games are played.


  • 4 teams play 13 ranked games - Tennessee, Stanford, UCLA, Washington
  • 2 teams play 11 ranked games - Arizona State, Southern California
  • 1 team plays 10 ranked games - California
  • 1 team plays 8 ranked games - Georgia
  • 6 teams play 7 ranked games - Baylor, LSU, UConn, Ohio State, Duke, Oklahoma
  • 3 teams play 6 ranked games - Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Michigan State
  • 5 teams play 5 ranked games - Maryland, North Carolina, Purdue, Texas A&M, Kentucky
  • 2 teams play 3 ranked games - De Paul, George Washington
  • 1 team plays 2 ranked games - Brigham Young (BYU)

  • #1 Maryland and #2 North Carolina each play 5 ranked teams
  • Rank Team Coach Schedule
    1 Maryland Terrapins, ACC
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    Brenda Frese 5 games, 4 ranked teams
    (Duke twice)
    2 North Carolina Tarheels, ACC
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    Sylvia Hatchell 5 games, 4 ranked teams
    (Duke twice)
    3 Oklahoma Sooners, Big 12
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    Sherri Coale 7 games, 5 ranked teams
    (Two each: Baylor, Texas A&M)
    4 Tennessee Lady Vols, SEC
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    Pat Summitt 13 games, 11 ranked teams
    (Two each: Georgia, Vanderbilt)
    5 Duke Blue Devils, ACC
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    Gail Goestenkors 7 games, 5 ranked teams
    (Two each: Maryland, North Carolina)
    6 Ohio State Buckeyes, Big Ten
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    Jim Foster 7 games, 7 ranked teams
    7 Connecticut Huskies, Big East
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    Geno Auriemma 7 games, 6 ranked teams
    (Rutgers twice)
    8 Georgia Bulldogs, SEC
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    Andy Landers 8 games, 6 ranked teams
    (Two each: Tennessee, LSU)
    9 LSU (Louisiana State) Tigers, SEC
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    Pokey Chatman 7 games, 6 ranked teams
    (Georgia twice)
    10 Stanford Cardinal, Pac 10
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    Tara VanDerveer 13 games, 8 ranked teams
    (Two each: UCLA, California, Arizona State, Washington, Southern Cal)
    11 Arizona State Sun Devils, Pac 10
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    Charli Turner Thorne 11 games, 6 ranked teams
    (Two each: California, Southern Cal, Stanford, UCLA, Washington)
    12 Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Big East
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    C. Vivian Stringer 6 games, 5 ranked teams
    (UConn twice)
    13 Purdue Boilermakers, Big Ten
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    Sharon Versyp 5 games, 4 ranked teams
    (Michigan State twice)
    14 Texas A&M Aggies, Big Ten
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    Gary Blair 5 games, 4 ranked teams
    (Oklahoma twice)
    15 Vanderbilt Commodores, SEC
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    Melanie Balcomb 6 games, 5 ranked teams
    (Tennesse twice)
    16 Baylor Bears, Big 12
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    Karen Mulkey 7 games, 5 ranked teams
    (Two each: Oklahoma, Texas A&M)
    17 Michigan State Spartans, Big Ten
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    Joanne P. McCallie 6 games, 5 ranked teams
    (Purdue twice)
    18 Brigham Young (BYU) Cougars, Mountain West
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    Jeff Judkins 2 games, 2 ranked teams
    19 California Golden Bears, Pac 10
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    Joanne Boyle 10 games, 5 ranked teams
    (2 games each, UCLA, Southern Cal, Arizona State, Washington, Stanford
    20 Southern California (USC) Women of Troy, Pac 10
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    Mark Trakh 11 games, 6 ranked teams
    (2 games each: Stanford, UCLA, Arizona State, Washington, California)
    21 UCLA (U of Cal, Los Angeles) Bruins
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    Kathy Olivier 13 games, 8 ranked teams
    (2 games each, California, Stanford, Washington, Southern Cal, Arizona State
    22 De Paul Blue Demons, Big East
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    Doug Bruno 3 games, 3 ranked teams
    23 Washington Huskies, Pac 10
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    June Daugherty 13 games, 8 ranked teams
    (2 each against Southern Cal, UCLA, @Arizona St., Stanford, California
    24 Kentucky Wildcats, SEC
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    Mickie DeMoss 5 games, 5 ranked teams
    25 George Washington Colonials, Atlantic 10
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    Joe McKeown 3 games, 3 ranked teams