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PDFs of written fan fiction, and a player for my video fiction.

Here is a video player for my new, video fan fiction, called Let's Get Avengerous. It plays all chapters, ufortunately in reverse order, so use the toggle command to go to the right, to see Chapter 1, and so on. [You'll need to hit the left arrow to move backwards from Journey to the Center of Rick Wakeman.]

There are five chapters to date. You'll be hooked after the first one! It is as fun slots once you get started. Spread the news! Share the video player with your friends and family! Enjoy.

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Two Such People

1. Alpha Omega, or The Transformed Man
John Steed's character changed markedly from his teamwork with Cathy Gale to the subsequent team-up with Emma Peel. This story attempts to explain that transformation. It includes a re-written version of "The Murder Market," featuring Cathy Gale and additional, explanatory scenes.

2. The Steed Identity
John Steed loses his memory, and believes that he and Mrs. Peel are heartless assassins.

3. Do Not Forsake Me
Steed's thoughts as Emma Peel leaves him at the end of "Forget-Me-Knot".

4. Who's Who?
Patrick Macnee is busy filming the episode "Who's Who" when an accident occurs and he finds himself transported into the real world of The Avengers.

5. White Christmas
Steed and Mrs. Peel pause for refreshment on their way back to London from the "Too Many Christmas Trees" adventure.

6. Aftermath
An alternate view of Mrs. Peel's reaction to Steed's method of destroying the man-eater of Surrey Green.

7. The Howliween
John Steed and Emma Peel travel to America, where Steed transforms into a wolf.

8. Sole Remedy
A bit of Grand Guignol in the French countryside.

9. Requiem For A Lightweight
An assassin on his last mission matches wits with John Steed and Emma Peel

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The Avengers Forever

1. The Avengers Forever
A present-day story, in which John Steed prepares to celebrate his 80th birthday. But...stuff happens.

2. Ever After
1973. New York. Emma Peel believes she is fashion designer Diana Smythe, and John Steed believes he is concert pianist Brian Harris. Why?

3. Diana
Transcription of the episode on which Patrick Macnee guest-starred.

John Steed and Emma kissed a few times on The Avengers, but Steed and Cathy Gale did so only once. Here are the photos.

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