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"Leadership Lessons From Lucrezia Borgia"

Business Books Geared to the Female Entrepreneur

The business books available here are divided intoseveral topics, and are linked through the navigation bar above. Biographies, businesses for kids, female entrepreneurs, etc.

We are an affilate, so by ordering through us you'll save money and time, as most books are discounted, and if you order enough books or other media shipping is free!

The first "gimmick" book on leadership skills for business managers was Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun, published professionally in 1989. Since then, these books have proliferated, and always with the same militaristic or macho theme, from Sun Tsu and Musashi Miyamoto to most recently the leadership secrets of The Sopranos.

I've yet to see a "gimmick" book written featuring the thoughts and principles of a woman...although there are plenty of those same types of ruthless - or powerful - women out there: Catherine the Great of Russia, Elizabeth I of England, perhaps Tomoe Gozen of Japan.

For my own purposes, I've decided to entitle this bookstore/website - dedicated to helping the female entrepreneur achieve her goals - the Leadership Lessons From Lucrezia Borgia.


Well, Lucrezia Borgia is a bit of an enigma. As are all women, so says the cliche, eh?

Was she a heartless murderess and schemer, who went about despatching people by dropping poison into their wine goblets via a secret compartment in her ring? Was she simply a ruthless individual who did anything necessary to advance herself and her family? Or was she a victim of the Machiavellian schemes of her father Rodrigo and her brother, the infamous Cesare Borgia?

She seems to represent all things to all people, depending on their point of view towards women.

Currently, the links on these pages lead you to various books stores, featuring books written by men or women, but geared toward the female businesswoman, from overall books on business to more specified areas of running a business.

As the site grows, actual "advice" from Lucrezia will be placed here.

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