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Vol 1, Issue #10
"Stand By For Mars!"

Deep Thought: Editorials by Caroline Miniscule

Please join us at the Daily Space blog

[Daily Space]

There are many fun features at The Thunder Child, but the one you should bookmark and look at daily is the Daily Space blog.

Several entries are made in a day, so there's always something worth coming back to look at.

The blog is structured thusly.

Each day there will be a 'main' entry, posted between 11 pm and 12 am each night, that will cover the following topics:

1) Website of the day
The URL for an interesting website - space, oceanography, or science fiction related

2) General notes
General notes on what's been happening in the day

3) Radio
Science fiction radio drama that can be listened to on the web, the schedules for BBC Radio 7, Radio Spirits, etc.

4) Issue Notes
A chronicle of how a monthly web magazine is put together

6) Space/Ocean Headlines
This is a chronological listing of space and oceanographical news, day by day. More space than oceanography, unfortunately, but whether that's because nothing's happening in the world oceans or because space gets all the press I'm not sure.

7) Quiz
A science or science fiction related question or series of questions.

But that's not all. A few times a day, other entries are made, on anything we feel like, such as comments on the books we've just checked out of the library, thoughts on a breaking news story, etc.

Every Sunday, there will be at least one current movie review.

So there's lots of reasons to check out the Daily Space blog!

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