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Vol #1, Issue #3
"Stand By For Mars!"
March 2006

Con-tact: Science Fiction Convention Previews and Reports

From a wagon train to the stars:
A Preview of the 2006 Williamsburg Film Festival (March 8-11, 2006)

When Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry pitched his idea for the science fiction program to the network executives, he envisioned it as a “Wagon Train to the stars. (Wagon Train was a popular television program of the time, starring John McIntire.)

The Western television and movie genre celebrated the spirit of exploration and colonization of the unknown. When the Science Fiction genre began to overtake the Western, it also celebrated those spirits of exploration and colonization.

It is only fitting, therefore, that the Williamsburg Film Festival celebrates not only the Western but also the Science Fiction genres.

Tenth Anniversary
In 2006, the Williamsburg Film Festival is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and to celebrate they’ve invited back some of the guests who have attended over the last nine years.

The Festival will be taking at:
The Holiday Inn-Patriot (3032 Richmond Road), Williamsburg, VA. The Holiday Inn-Patriot is no stranger to hosting conventions—just a couple of months after the science fiction convention Marscon 16!

James Best
Ben Cooper
Beverly Garland
Will Hutchins
Dick Jones
Jimmy Lydon
Jan Merlin
Mala Powers
William Smith
Peggy Stewart
Frankie Thomas

For the Science Fiction Enthusiast
While many of the Williamsburg guests have science fiction credits (James Best in several memorable Twilight Zone episodes, Beverly Garland in a few Roger Corman films), the main draw for sci fi fans is The Solar Guard Space Academy.

The Solar Guard will again hold their annual reunion at the festival. Along with guests from the classic Tom Corbett series, Jan Merlin and Frankie Thomas, they will show space-related films and TV shows in the Star Theater daily from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and after 9 p.m.

BACK: Ed Bryce as Captain Strong, Jan Merlin as Roger Manning, Al Markim as Astro, and Margaret Garland as Dr. Joan Dale.
FRONT: Frankie Thomas as Tom Corbett
An original radio play, "Project Enigma" by writer/actor Jan Merlin, former 1975 Emmy winner and 1979 Emmy nominee, has been specially written for this Anniversary, based upon the original Tom Corbett, Space Cadet series.

Depending upon her schedule, author Jean-Noel Bissoir, author of Space Patrol: Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television will appear at the Festival.

The Williamsburg Film Festival will begin on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 8, with the opening of the Dealers Room. The guests will not arrive until Thursday.

Make sure you don't miss a single panel, TV program or movie. Visit the websites below for complete information.

Essential Websites:
Solar Guard The website of the Solar Guard. The Complete Schedule of the Solar Guard Reunion

Williamsburg Film Festival The Williamsburg Film Festival

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