Radio Drama
Science Faction

Volume 1, Issue #6
"Stand By For Mars!"
June 2006
The Thunder Child: Interviews

[Area 51: The Musical ] [Noel Katz: Music] [Tom Carrozza: Book ]

Illustration by Stephen Gardner

Area 51: The Musical � The Synopsis
1. Mailbox Road in the Nevada desert is supposedly the best spot for U.F.O. sightings, but, so far, would-be ace newspaper reporter CHARLY SMUDGER and her fianc�-photographer INKS have found nothing Down There. Proximity to Las Vegas prompts Inks� Proposal of marriage. Just as Charly agrees to give up her pursuit and wed, Inks falls through the ground. Aha! exclaims Charly, so there IS something down there. (Requiem)

2. And what there is a whole lot of singing and dancing, which Charly discretely observes. (Have We Got an Area For You!)The AREA 51 workers - scientists, soldiers, technicians, etc. - are yelled at by three-and-a-half star GENERAL AUDREY MOLEMAN to put more oomph into the number. Performing happy songs is a morale builder, and their best weapon against the evil negativity ray that the nearby Sinister Secret Government shoots in at them, fomenting cynicism and discontent.

Listen to:
Have We Got An Area For You!

DR. SUZIE congratulates her lover, PROF. BRUNO SPYNGIES, on being named �Employee of the Day� (You Feel Things) and she is then hit by the negativity ray and wants nothing to do with him. Bruno is too stunned by this sudden dumping to notice Charly doesn�t belong there, (Up There) even as she questions him and the janitor, BOSWELL WOMRINGTON III.

Boswell, it turns out, was the first person the aliens contacted, many years ago as a teen in Roswell, New Mexico. A Thing Fell Out of the Sky on to his doorstep. As he sings about it, four aliens in glass tanks provide doo-wop background vocals.

Through a crack in a wall that magically opens, the famous lounge singer NEWTON LUSTER enters and sings a ballad (Stay) that hypnotizes Dr. Suzie. Taking leave of her senses (and AREA 51), she follows him to the Sinister Secret Government and the crack magically closes.

Cast of Characters
Jay Aubrey Jones Boswell Wormington III, a kindly old custodian
Kathi Gillmore Margaret La Champagne, Vegas headliner known for such films as When Kittens Kiss and Breakfast on a Bike
Mary Denmead
Cub reporter Charly Smudger
Gail Dennison Three-and-a-half Star General Audrey Moleman, a woman who practically bubbles over with testosterone
Gregorio Rangel Vegas headliner Newton Luster, head of the Sinister Secret Government
Tom Carrozza Bruno Spyngies, the meek molecular biologist named Employee of the Day
Gregory Jones The green, seven-foot tall, Specimen 446-Y, better known as Dave on his planet
Kevin Manning Inks, news-photographer
Mamie Parris Dr. Suzie, a scientist who loves Bruno Spyngies, at least until she�s hit by the Negativity Ray
Tracy Ashby Dominique, Maitre D� of The Cave, an underground night club
Nanette DeWester A paratrooper, 23 stories underneath the ground
Shelly Work, Jason Nabeta & Erin Esposito Moleman�s �Angels�
Jason Levinson & Scott Darby Men In Black, who�ve slept with an alien
Jeanne Tinker An astrophysicist who screams. Loudly.

Bruno and Boswell explain that Newton regularly abducts the best AREA 51 scientists in this manner, and that there�s nothing they can do about it. A solution arrives in the form of a seven foot tall alien, called DAVE on his home planet. He�s accidentally broken out of his specimen tank, and he shows a way (Visualize) the four can gain entry into the SSG. 3. What they find there is a sexy night-club called The Cave. Newton is the host and when he announces that the headliner is MARGARET LA CHAMPAGNE, Boswell leaps out of his chair. The bouncer, DOMINIQUE, hastily escorts him out. (Inside of Me)

4. Backstage in Margaret�s dressing room, Newton introduces Bruno to Margaret, and the two hit it off right away. (You Bring Out the Mother In Me) Bruno is convinced to sign a contract to work for the S.S.G. and to tinker with a machine he is told is a telescope. This, in reality, is the negativity ray, and Bruno realizes he�s increased its power, causing a team of AREA 51 tap dancers to fall out of line. General Moleman orders up some more military support; Charly thinks she�s got her story; Margaret and Newton congratulate themselves for getting Bruno to cooperate; Bruno comes to terms with his conversion to the dark side as the first act curtain falls. (Seeing Stars)

Tom Carrozza and Noel Katz during rehearsals.
5. Bruno, knowing that his new boss, Newton, needs something that�s in Dave�s wallet, sneaks back in to AREA 51 to pick-pocket his alien pal. Boswell catches Bruno going through the crack, and Bruno explains that he�s in love with Margaret La Champagne. (A Girl Like That) Boswell panics when he hears this.

Charly hears it too, and sobs that she�s been unable to win Bruno�s affection. General Moleman figures that if Bruno was wooed over to the S.S.G., Charly could be the one to woo him back to AREA 51, so she gives her a lesson in sexiness. (Work Your Wiles)

6. Meanwhile, Bruno and Margaret are in a clinch when Boswell breaks in and breaks them apart. Margaret and Boswell, it turns out, were lovers many years ago. They haven�t seen each other since she had their baby and was forced to give it up for adoption.

Boswell explains that he took a job as janitor at AREA 51 just to watch out for that baby - Bruno Spyngies. Bruno�s stomach is turned, as just a moment ago he was all set to make love to the woman he now knows is his mother. He leaves his parents alone, and they recall their passion for each other. (The Greatest Lover)

Cast at rehearsal

Bruno gives Newton Dave�s wallet, and Newton explains that it contains a high-tech energy card that will increase the ray�s power. In fact, what it does is render Newton powerless, and Moleman and troops march in to arrest him. Bruno, who tightened wires on the ray and got Newton the card, is hailed as a hero. Dr. Suzie is no longer negative, but, during her time at The Cave, has fallen in love with a fellow dancer, Inks. Bruno returns to AREA 51 a lonely man.

7. Charly is waiting for him, all set to seduce him. Her sexiness training from Moleman is a dismal failure, but when Bruno sees how distraught she is, he sings her a love song, (Dreamland) backed up by the aliens in tanks. They agree to marry in a triple wedding with his parents, Inks and Dr. Suzie. (I Can Never Get Enough)

8. The festivities are interrupted by a catastrophe involving a massive amount of tapioca. This was the S.S.G.�s secret defense system, and, for the moment, they all must evacuate AREA 51. Seeing the night sky for the first time dazzles Bruno, filling him with a new awareness of his place in the universe, for, as Dave explains �When you stare at a star, someone up there stares back at you. Now you are one of two wishing on a star in the blue.� (Finale)

The finale L to R: Kevin Manning & Mamie Parris,
Jay Aubrey Jones & Kathi Gilmore, and Tom Carozza & Mary Denmead

Note:Rehearsal photo supplied by Noel Katz; finale photo supplied by Tom Carrozza, reproduced with permission.
Song "Have We Got an Area For You" copyright and supplied by Noel Katz.
Thank you, Noel and Tom!

[Area 51: The Musical ] [Noel Katz: Music] [Tom Carrozza: Book ]

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