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Transformers (2007
directed by Michael Bay
starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox
Release Date: July 3, 2007

Review by Kristie Groves


No matter what you might think of other Michael Bay movies, this one is definitely some of his best work. And if you enjoy fast action and lots of explosions, this film is for you. This movie delivers the hard-core action that the trailers promise. However, if you are not familiar with the main theme of the Transformers, you may be a little lost as the movie jumbles some short scenes together to give you the back-story.

There are three main plots going on throughout the movie, all of which come together in the last half hour.

The first and main story line is about the feud between two robot armies, the Autobots and the Decepticons, who are fighting over possession of the All Spark, an energy cube that is the ultimate source of power. As a result of the battle on the robot?s home planet, their home was destroyed and the All Spark was lost and ended up here on Earth, bringing this nasty war to us. The robot war, led by Megatron (Decepticons- bad guys) and Optimus Prime (Autobots- good guys), comes to a climax when the two armies collide in an ultimate battle in the streets of L.A.

OtherFile VersionsWarning: RestoNow, for those of you who have been a fan of The Transformers since the mid-1980s, this much you already know. As a newcomer to the tale, the main theme may seem simplistic, but considering that this was a long running cartoon based on some cool Hasbro toys, it isn?t all that surprising. But I have to say that the director and writers present this simple idea with a relatively decent script and enough character interaction to bring some depth to this film version.

On a side note, Peter Cullen, who performed the original voice of Optimus Prime in the TV series, carries on the role and brings up feelings of nostalgia all on his own.

Car enthusiasts will also be overjoyed with the impressive vehicles presented, and visual effects fans will love the flawless transformation scenes where the robots transform as well as the intense battle scenes. While the first altercations are so fast it is hard to tell which side is which, thankfully director Michael Bay chooses to use the super-slowmotion technique (seen in The Matrix and other films) to ensure you get a good eyeful of the details. Industrial Light and Magic have outdone themselves this time; their work is utterly amazing in the film. As their name implies, they simply worked magic with this concept and pulled off the visual side of the story impeccably!

Two other plots are running simultaneously with the main good vs. evil storyline, which helps breathe life into this re-hash of an old favorite.

In the second plot line, a likeable and awkward teenage boy named Sam Whitwicky (Shia LeBeouf), wants desperately to purchase a used Porsche to up his cool points and impress his high school crush Mickaela Banes, played by Megan Fox. However, his father informs him that the only thing he can afford is an old beat-up yellow Camaro, which turns out to be Bumble Bee of the Autobots. Shia starts to notice this car is special when it not so subtly helps him woo his gal pal.

Once the car reveals its true form to Sam, the self-conscious teen becomes not only an ambassador for the Autobots but also a responsible ally.

Shia is definitely coming into his own as an actor. He plays the character perfectly, bringing charm and comedic relief to the entire movie.

The third plot revolves around government operation called Sector 7, which is an unknown government agency, a secret even to the Department of Defense. This group has found the All Spark cube and is trying to uncover the truth behind its power, which is believed to be of a sinister nature.

While this Sector 7 plot is not really necessary, it does provide us with a little political intrigue, despite its weakness. And it also proffers up a really intense desert scene, where soldiers elude the Decepticon Scorpion, and you can almost feel the sand fly in your face during the encounter with this enemy robot.

Yes, the actors were really afraid, for during the shooting they were informed that the timed explosions would not be able to be stopped once initiated, and the danger was actually real. And it shows, much to the delight of the audience.

All in all, I found this movie to be exciting and fun to watch. For Transformers fans, the visual effects bring the 80?s story to life with gusto.

Being a fan of the cartoon as well as of Michael Bay?s earlier works, I was ecstatic with the result of the cast and crew?s hard work. However for general moviegoers, the good guys vs. bad guys storyline, the length, and the loudness may put off some. I felt that enjoyment level may be divided along generation lines, with Generation X, Y, and Z getting the most out of this film. This movie is loud and long- but if you can keep your buttocks awake, it is worth it! I recommend a smaller drink to keep you in your seat for the eye-popping finale.

In conclusion, you won?t be wasting your movie money by seeing this one on the big screen!


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