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DVD premiums.... in Japan

I frequent the Classic Horror Filims Forum - which also deals with classic science fiction from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I asked a question about DVD premiums in one of the folders, and a poster responded by sharing all of these publicity photos of collectibles that come with DVD sets sold in Japan.

I sure wouldn't mind having that Them! diorama!

How'd you like to keep your DVDs in a case like this?

The Cyclops from the Japanese Harryhausen DVD set

Godzilla Final Box which contains every Godzilla film, along with bonus DVDs and a Godzilla head scuplture

Gwangi statue from the DVD set of Valley of Gwangi and Black Scorpion

Kali (Golden Voyage of Sinbad) from the Harryhausen Limited Edition Box 3

Japanese Fly collection, with the DVDs stored in a replica of the teleporter

Diorama of the ants from Them!, that came with the box set of Them! and The Beasts from 20,000 Fathoms.

War of the Worlds remake box set

Harryhausen box set 2 with Ymir figure (20 Million Miles to Earth).

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