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Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (1954)

One season
About 25 episodes


Below is a photobook of the fourth episode in the season, "Escape Into Space."

Rocky Jones is studying, and Winky is relaxing in their quarters, after returning from a mission.

Winky decides to look for a date. Judy turns him down...

Meanwhile, master criminal Chuck Harmon (Frank Wilcox) and sidekick Lawson (Sheb Wooley) elude a guard and climb the gantry to the rocketship entrance.

The cockpit of the spaceship. Note the seat belts.

Charles Meredith as Secretary of Space Drake. He receives a communicae from Harmon gloating on his escape. Meredith then attempts to contact Rocky Jones.

But Winky is still trying for a date. The girl in the shower turns Winky down as well.

Finally, the Secretary is able to get through and summons Rocky and Winky to his office.
The Orbit Jet is still being maintenanced. Drake tells Rocky to wait another day, when they'll know Harmon's ultimate destination.

That ultimate destination has now been discovered. Foronax.

Vena Ray drives her car to Space Ranger headquarters.

Sally Mansfield as Vena Ray and Robert Lyden as Bobby.
There she meets Bobby, who is excited because he has learned that Rocky is headed for the planet Foranax.

The Orbit Jet heading towards Foranax.

Winky sees a "meteor pack" bearing down on them.

Rocky and Winky work to avoid the meteor storm.

"Secure for meteor storm."
Note the safety belts.

An example of the special effects.

"Fire starboard rockets."

Rocky orders his ship to fly with the meteor storm rather than against it.

The meteor storm has damaged Harmon's ship. He radios, panick-stricken, for help. Rocky radios back that they are on their way.

Harmon insists Lawson bring the suitcases of money into the cockpit. But the air is being sucked out and Harmon closes the doors, leaving Lawson to die.

The Orbit Jet arrives.

The Orbit Jet magnetizes itself to the outside of Harmon's ship.

Rocky, in space suit, attempts to get into Harmon's ship.

Rocky Jones in his spacesuit

Rocky finds Lawson's body and is suspicious, but has no jurisdiction on Harmon, who demands to be taken to Foranax. [Not quite sure why that was the case , but heck, every TV show has episodes with inconsistencies and bloopers in it...]

A building on Foronax

The ship lands on Foranax.

Walter Coy as Zoravac, the leader of Foranax. He wishes to deport Harmon, but has no cause. Winky suggests they break a few laws and take Harmon with them anyway, but Rocky refuses.

Robert Lyden as Bobby and Patsy Iannone as Volaca, daughter of Zoraac, discussing the holidays on earth, including Hallowe'en.

In honor of Hallowe'en, Bobby and Volaca scare Vena Ray with a "ghost," a remote control globe with a small sheet over it.

Rocky knows that Harmon is extremely superstitious, and may well fall for the same trick. If he can get Harmon to confess to killing Lawson, he can bring him back to Earth.

Bobby "spying" on the unnoticing Harmon.

Rocky readies the "ghost" of Lawson, and prepares to enter the room where Harmon is.

Rocky imitates Lawson's voice and pretends to be a ghost. Harmon confesses, then realizes he's been tricked. Fight!

Rocky and Harmon fight. As with Star Trek 11 years later, most episodes will end with fist fights, with Rocky always victorious.
The crew says farewell to the people of Foroanx. Bobby comments that Harmon would probably fall for "April Fool's Day."

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