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Volume 1, Issue 6
"Stand By For Mars!"
June 2006

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet Sourcebook

Listen to radio!
(Note: We believe these episodes to be in the public domain. Please see disclaimer at bottom of page.)

Selected Episodes:

NOTE: Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long.
It does take 3-4 minutes for the episodes to load.
Please be patient. They're worth the wait!

  • Tom Corbett, Space Cadet
  • Rocket Into Danger, Part 1 (1/8/52)
  • Rocket Into Danger, Part 2 (1/10/52)
  • The Riddle of Astro, Part 1 (4/22/52)
  • The Riddle of Astro, Part 2 (4/22/52)
  • Tom Corbett on Radio

    Tom Corbett?s first radio broadcast took place on January 1, 1952. Unlike the concurrent television series, the radio show lasted only six months. The last broadcast was on June 26, 1952, for a total of 52 episodes.

    The television cast reprised their roles:

    Frankie Thomas Jr. - Tom Corbett
    Al Markim - Astro
    Jan Merlin - Roger Manning
    Ed Bryce - Captain Strong

    The radio program consisted of half-hour long shows, broadcast on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Each episode was complete in itself, but the story arc covered both episodes.

    Many of the radio shows were adapted by the TV series writers, Jack Winstock and Willie Gilbert. Frankie Thomas also wrote some episodes. Incidents from these radio and TV episodes also made their way into the concurrent comic strip, as well as the book series.

    Links to Tom Corbett: Space Cadet
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    Williamsburg Film Festival March 2006 Coverage:

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    Willy Ley was the technical advisor on the TV series and Pippin assumes he was the consultant for the radio series as well. Many of the magazine articles from the 1950's indicate he played an important part in keeping the science within reasonable bounds.

    As with the television series, premiums were offered, such as space goggles. Items would be used in the show, and then offered as premiums during the sponsor's (Kellogg's PEP) commercials.

    Announcer Jackson Beck: "Kellogg's PEP invites you to rocket into the future with T-O-M C-O-R-B-E-T-T Space Cadet!!!!"

    Various sound effects.

    Tom Corbett: "Stand by to raise ship!!! Blastoff minus 5-4-3-2-1 ZERO!!!!

    Beck: "Now, as roaring rockets blast off to distant planets and far flung stars, we take you to the AGE OF THE CONQUEST OF SPACE with TOM CORBETT Space Cadet!!!

    Amid all of these sound effects, very similar to the Dimension X and X Minus One shows (according to Pippin), the organ plays the Tom Corbett theme music. The music lowers and dissolves into the PEP cereal commercial....and then it's time for the action.

    The Solar Guard website's Tom Corbett radio page, written by Ed Pippin.

    Copyright Disclaimer:
    The Thunder Child does not charge for access to this site, or to listen to these episodes.
    According to the Library of Congress, regarding the status of old time radio recordings made prior to 1978, "all such recordings are generally in the public domain, as sound recordings were not allowed under the previous copyright law and such recordings have not been granted copyright status under the new laws (since to change their status and move them out of the Public Domain would be a violation of Ex-Post-Facto). Once a piece is placed into the public domain for any reason, it remains there legally unless someone brings a case to the Supreme Court to decide otherwise."
    If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns about whether Tom Corbett, Space Cadet radio episodes are in the public domain, please contact us.

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