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on Writing

Good writers are invariably fascinating writers - the two go together. In my opinion, the writers of English who most clearly the use correct word every time and who most artfully and deftly put together their sentences and paragraphs are Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and P. G. Wodehouse

"Hints," IASFM, March, 1979
Asimov on Science Fiction, pg. 26

The years I spent on the Foundation Series were the most rewarding of my writing life-professionally, if not financially. They placed my name before the public in a way that an equal number of disconnected stories would not have succeeded in doing.
"There's Nothing Like a Good Foundation," SFWA Bulletin, January 1967
Asimov on Science Fiction, pg. 284

I never discuss the engineering of the robots for the very good reason that I am colossally ignorant of the practical aspects of robotics.
"Robots I Have Known," Computers and Automation, October 1954
Robot Visions, pg. 407

One way of achieving an act of creativity is to look at something in an unexpected way.
"The Longest River," Magazine of S & SF, July 1988
Out of the Everywhere, pg. 85

To possess the power of concentration is to have a useful tool.
"The Unrecognized Danger," Magazine of S & SF, February 1988
Out of the Everywhere, pg. 115

The quotation goes as follows: "Many brave men lived before Agamemnon, but all are overwhelmed in eternal night, unwept, unknown, because they lack a sacred poet."

It [is] the poet's work and not the hero's that live[s] in memory.

"A Sacred Poet," Magazine of S & SF, Sepptember 1987
Out of the Everywhere, pg. 128

I wish I had the strength and ability, as I have the desire, to write all day long, every day.
"From Pole to Pole," Magazine of S & SF, May 1988
Out of the Everywhere, pg. 155

Things don't necessarily have to be useful to be interesting.
"The Lost Art," Magazine of F & SF, February 1978
The Road to Infinity, pg. 4

To be a proper science fiction writer (in my opinion) one must somehow retain a nodding acquaintance with as many branches of sciences as possible.
"Introduction," A View From A Height (1963) Pg. xi

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