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There are many sources on the web to find quotes from just about everybody, including Isaac Asimov. However, these quote sites don't identify in what place the quotes were made! In these pages, therefore, we provide a vast selection of Asimovian quotes, complete with the source from which it was taken.

Asimov on Science and Science Fiction:

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Asimov on Everything Else:

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Quotes appear from titles in bold. Other books have not yet been examined yet.

  • Only A Trillion
  • (1957)
  • Fact and Fancy
  • (1962)
  • View from a Height
  • (1963)
  • Adding a Dimension
  • (1964)
  • Of Time, Space & Other Things
  • (1965)
  • From Earth to Heaven
  • (1966)
  • Science, Numbers and I
  • (1968)
  • The Solar System and Back
  • (1970)
  • The Stars in Their Course
  • (1971)
  • Left Hand of the Electron
  • (1972)
  • The Tragedy of the Moon
  • (1973)
  • Of Matters Great & Small
  • (1975)
  • The Planet That Wasn't
  • (1976)
  • Quasar, Quasar, Burning Bright
  • (1977)
  • The Road to Infinity
  • (1979)
  • The Sun Shines Bright
  • (1981)
  • Asimov on Science Fiction
  • (1982)
  • Counting the Eons
  • (1983)
  • X Stands for Unknown
  • (1984)
  • The Subatomic Monster
  • (1985)
  • Far as Human Eye Could See
  • (1987)
  • The Relativity of Wrong
  • (1988)
  • Out of Everywhere
  • (1990)
  • The Secret of The Universe
  • (1990)
  • Robot Visions
  • (1990)

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