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on Eye Sci Fi

In the movies and television, science fiction deals primarily with images, so we might call it image-science-fiction. Since the show-business people and journalists who talk about image-science fiction refer to it, abominably, as sci fi, suppose we call image-science-fiction i-sci-fi or, better yet, eye-sci-fi.
"The Boom in Science Fiction", IASFM, Fall, 1979
Asimov on Science Fiction, pg. 109

It is hard to think of anything really new or unusual - as Hollywood "sci fi" constantly demonstrates.
"The Pre-Scientific Universe," IASFM, Summer 1979
Asimov on Science Fiction, pg. 80

It is perfectly possible for a dreadful science fiction show (or dreadful anything show) to make a lot of money, but that doesn't make it one whit less dreadful, it simply tells us something about the audience.
"What Makes Good Science Fiction", TV Guide,December 24, 1977
Asimov on Science Fiction, pg. 242

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
It's just science fiction, so it's allowed to be silly, and childish, and stupid. It's just science fiction, so it doesn't have to make sense. It's just science fiction, so you must ask nothing more of it than loud noises and flashing lights.

That's the harm of Close Encounters; that it convinces tens of millions that that's what just science fiction is.

"The Reluctant Critic," IASFM, Nov-Dec 1978
Asimov on Science Fiction, pg. 277

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