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on People

In all languages and cultures the explanation that "no one does that" is the most unanswerable stopper there is.
"The Subatomic Monster," Magagazine of F & SF, February 1984
The Subatomic Monster, pg. 16

The human species as a whole is unbelievably narcissistic and, by and large, considers itself to be the whole reason for the existence of the universe. Their interest in anything else at all is confined almost entirely to objects that impinge upon them and in direct proportion to the extent of that impingement.
"Arm of the Giant," Magazine of F & SF, December 1983
The Subatomic Monster, pg. 73

If we consider that the human species, with the full capacity for forethought, and knowing exactly what it is doing and what may happen, nevertheless has a very good chance of destroying itself in a nuclear holocaust - the only logical conclusion we can come to, by my definition, is that Homo sapiens thinks more poorly, and less intelligently, than any species that lives, or has ever lived, on Earth.
"More Thinking About Thinking," Magazine of F & SF, November 1983
The Subatomic Monster, pg. 136

However clear hindsight may be, foresight can be remarkably dull.
"Up We Go," Magazine of F & SF, May 1984
The Subatomic Monster, pg. 184

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