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on Education

Advances in technology have always necessitated the upgrading of education.

Agricultural laborers didn't have to be literate, but factory workers did, so once the Industrial Revolution came to pass, industrialized nations had to establish public schools for the mass education of their populations.

"The New Profession," American Airlines magazine, 1979
Robot Visions, pg. 445

As far as writing is concerned, my intelligence is extremely high; as far as tinkering is concerned, my intelligence is extremely low. Well then, am I a genius or an imbecile? The answer is: neither. I'm just good at some things and not good at others-and that's true of every one of us.
"Intelligences Together," American Airlines magazine, 1979
Robot Visions, pg. 451

As any fourth-grader and many adults will maintain, division comes under the heading of advanced mathematics.
"That's About the Size Of It," S & SF Magazine
A View From A Height, pg. 5

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