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on Asimov

I'm Isaac Asimov. I'm a little over thirty years old and I have been selling science fiction stories since 1938. (If the arithmetic seeems wrong here, it's because you don't understand higher mathematics.)
"Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine," IASFM, Spring 1977
Asimov on Science Fiction, pg. 289

Mystery writers don't commit murders and fantasy writers don't talk to rabbits, so why should a science fiction writer have to fly?
"The Wendell Urth Series," The Great Science Fiction Series, Pohl et al, ed, 1980
Asimov on Science Fiction, pg. 247, 248

I'm just a word-man, and even though it is a wise person who knows his powers, it is an even wiser person who knows his limitations.
"Hollywood and I," IASFM, May 1979
Asimov on Science Fiction 293, pg. 289

That casts me down [a fact that doesn't support one of his hypotheses], but any theory, no matter how close to my heart, must give way in the face of adverse observation.
"Asking the Right Question," Magazine of F & SF, November 1987
Out of the Everywhere, pg. 28

I suspect that the Galaxy is full of advanced but forever isolated civilizations.
"Where Is Everybody?," Magazine of F & SF, December 1978
The Road to Infinity, pg. 189

I think that knowledge comes from below [not full-blown by supernatural revelation], from observation, from simple and unsophisticated thinking that establishes a primitive concept that gradually grows complex and abstract as more and more knowledge is gathered.
"The Subtlest Difference," Magazine of F & SF, October 1977
The Road to Infinity, pg. 211

No concept I have ever heard, of either a Hell or of a Heaven, has seemed to me to be suitable for a civilized rational mind to inhabit, and I would rather have the nothingness.
"The Subtlest Difference," Magazine of F & SF, October 1977
The Road to Infinity, pg. 217

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