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Vertlieb's Views
"Stand By For Mars!"
Vertlieb's Views

Vertlieb's Views

Commentary on movies and music past and present by Steve Vertlieb

Index to Vertlieb's Views


  • A Magical Tribute to Bernard Herrmann
  • Frenzied Genius: The Romantic Passion of Bernard Herrmann
  • Review: Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds
  • Reprising Howard Shore's The Return of the King
  • Monstrous Intruders: Reviews of the soundtracks of The Blog and The Intruder.
  • Time After Time: The Life of Miklos Rozsa


  • Time Changes Everything: The DVD release of the Collector's Edition extended version of Peter Jackson's King Kong
  • How I Met The Blob

    And check out our interview with Steve Vertlieb

  • A Life Among Stars: Steve Vertlieb
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    Radiation Theater: 1950s Sci Fi Movies Discussion Boards
    The Sand Rock Sentinel: Ripped From the Headlines of 1950s Sci Fi Films

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