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The Commodore's Ramblings
Michael Sinclair, aka the Commodore, has been attending science fiction conventions since 1975. He has graciously agreed to provide his reminiscences of those great old days of science fiction fandom to The Thunder Child.
Godzilla menacing Michael

Index to The Commodore's Ramblings
The Ramblings

  • Introduction to the Commodore
  • Kublai Kahns and More
  • Hotel Horrors: A comedy of errors and more in the life of a convention-goer
  • Say Da to Moscow: The Tale of the 1995 Moscow Bid Masterminded by Mikhail Sinclair
  • The Commodore's Collection

  • Convention Badges
  • Convention Programs
  • The Trains
  • Nola Con Photos 1984, 1988
  • Say Da To Moscow - Moscow Bid for WorldCon
  • Miscellaneous Convention Photos
  • Trains, Ships and Floats collection

    Belle of Louisville steamboat
    All RiverCons ended on Sunday with a cruise on the Belle.

    "Throw me som'thin, sister!"
    Christa and Justin Winston of Nola
    loading the Krewe of Isis Float
    Mardi Gras 1988

    Train rides figured promininently in FANS from Louisville, Bowling Green and Nashville.

    Business Car #32 with my school-outing for Chattacon
    It was cold - notice the dusting of snow

    Giving a stump speech
    TVRM Railway Car #98 Eden Isle
    B&O President's Business Car, 1917

    Ken Moore at Wendy's table in L & N gear.

    "My railroad outing for Chattacon fans at the TVRM
    I hired a train and took about 30 fans
    on an outing in the business car (strangely enough,
    The Maoist Chinese delegation was on the train as well.

    "I think this is the Southern but with a restored
    Atlantic Coast Line engine, probably out of Chattanooga
    I was riding in the cab of the diesel helper engine."

    Another Southern outing this time, with a
    StreamLiner. Quite a few Southern SF fans were also rail fans

    "One of the many steam outings that SF fans enjoyed.
    I think this is in Tennessee or southern Rhode Island."

    "Here we are in Oneida, Tennessee.
    L to R: Michael Sinclair, Earl - 12th birthday, Scotty, and, yes, another Scotty

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