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Conventions Sourcebook

The Commodore's Ramblings
Michael Sinclair, aka the Commodore, has been attending science fiction conventions since 1975. He has graciously agreed to provide his reminiscences of those great old days of science fiction fandom to The Thunder Child.
Godzilla menacing Michael

Index to The Commodore's Ramblings
The Ramblings

  • Introduction to the Commodore
  • Kublai Kahns and More
  • Hotel Horrors: A comedy of errors and more in the life of a convention-goer
  • Say Da to Moscow: The Tale of the 1995 Moscow Bid Masterminded by Mikhail Sinclair
  • The Commodore's Collection

  • Convention Badges
  • Convention Programs
  • The Trains
  • Nola Con Photos 1984, 1988
  • Say Da To Moscow - Moscow Bid for WorldCon
  • Miscellaneous Convention Photos
  • Miscellaneous Photos

    Sue Francis and S.P. Somtow - toasmaster
    Somtow is now director of the National Opera of Thailand

    Lois Bujold, and Christa and Alex Sinclair at Boston World Con

    Forrest Ackerman at Chattacon (1980?)
    with the late Jack Chauker and Eva Whitley (his wife)

    A masquerade at an early Cave Con

    Michael Sinclair in a cave. Where CaveCon was held.

    Dan O'Bannon with his art director, come to River Con to
    promote his The Return of the Living Dead.

    Dan O'Bannon at Galt House, with a futuristic soldier

    Unknown fan in an Alice in Wonderland costume

    LNK and Rickey Sheppard working the Huckster Room
    Sheppard was the Chairman of CaveCon

    Japanese Bid Party at Boston World Con

    Chris Barkley and Christa Sinclair
    CFQ New Year's Eve Party(2005?)

    Michael Resnick and Anne Chancellor

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