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Below is a listing of Clive's movies. Click on the thumbnails to be taken to a page of stills for each movie. There, the actors appearing in the stills with Clive are identified.

Inspector Clouseau 1968 Screenplay: Tom and Frank Waldman
Director: Bud Yorkin
Mirisch Films released through United Artists
Role: Clyde Hargreaves

Notes: Clive is very young in this film, playing the son of the warden of a prison...who is not all he seems.

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The Man Who Had Power Over Women

1970 Screenplay: Andrew Meredith
Director: John Krish
Avco Embassy release of Joseph Levine’s presentation of a Kettledrum Production
Role: Barry Black

Notes: Clive plays Barry Black, a rock star who has power over women. Rod Taylor plays the lead.

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1971 Director: Michael Tuchner
Producers: Alan Ladd and Elliot Kanter
Nat Cohen presentation for EMI
Role: Vivian

Richard Burton and Ian McShane star in this film about a British gangster.

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A Clockwork Orange 1971 Directer: Stanley Kubrick
Hawk Films Ltd
Role: Joe the Lodger

Notes: Clive plays Joe, the young man who lodges with Alex's parents after he is sent to prison. When Alex returns, he refuses to move out.

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Girl Stroke Boy 1971 Director: Bob Kellett
Producer: Ned Sherrin
Role: Laurie

An adaptation of one of the first "gay rights" plays. The relationship between Laurie and Jo is presented very sympathetically and this movie is screened often at gay festivals.

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The Last Hangman 2005 Director: Adrian Shergold
Producer: Christine Langan
I.F.C. Films
Role: Field Marshal Montgomery

Notes: TBA

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