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  • Stills of Clive Francis, Malcolm McDowell and Sheila Raynor.

    Clive played the part of the Lodger in A Clockwork Orange.

    Alex (Malcolm McDowell) attempts to attack Joe the lodger,
    but has been conditioned to be unable to do violence

    Joe the lodger and Alex's mother (Sheila Raynor)

    Here's what someone on a Kubrick newsgroup had to say about Francis as Joe:

    "The use of minor characters in Kubrick films also is very interesting to examine. Take, for example, Clive Francis as Joe (The Lodger) in ACO... A while ago there was a thread on Julian from ACO. The Lodger is also an important character. Just listening to his dialogue, he seems very reasonable. All of the things he says are straight-up. Even his comments on Alexís behavior are to be expected. On paper, heís a nice guy... looking after Alexís parents, steady job (a contract it is, we canít very well turn him out now, can we?... Does it matter to you that I have signed a contract, a letter of agreement, and that my employers have placed complete trust in me?..."). But, the way Kubrick has him portray the character, he turns into a hovering, clingy nuisance. We feel sympathy for Alex and only contempt for Joe. Kubrick is a master of manipulation. The Lodger is one small example of this."

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