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This Radio and Audio Drama section will unfortunately remain sparse. According to Clive:

Clive Francis as Mr. Pickwick
BBC Radio 1999
"Trouble with radio is that having done so much (over 100 appearances) I don't keep records. I've played leading roles in plays such as Death in Venice, Quartermain's Terms, Pickwick Papers, Woman in Love (where we performed nude wrestling on radio!) King Lear, Barchester Chronicles etc. Personally it's a category I'd leave out as there are so many, and apart from a very few none have been recorded for shop purchases - more's the pity."

However, since I'm a completist (as well as a lover of radio drama and comedy), this category shall remain, and I'll be adding to it piecemeal. (For example, just a couple of weeks ago - about mid-October 2006 - BBC Radio 7's Listen Again replayed Clive's Barchester Towers from January 1996, where he had the role of Mr. Arubim in some - not all - of the episodes.)

To the left is a photo of Clive as Charles Dickens' Mr. Pickwick. As usual, even though it was broadcast on radio, the star dressed up in costume for the photo.

March 10, 1992
Tuesday, 9.10 pm Drama Now
"Perucci's Escapement"
Guy Meredith's comedy-drama is set in Elizabethan England. A renowned Italian clockmaker becomes a pawn in the religious struggle between people who are driven by greed and bloodlust.
Starred Kenneth Cranham as Giacomo Perucci, Frank Finlay as Count d'Aspergli, and Clive Francis as Bamborough.
Directed by Cherry Cookson.

July 4, 1992
Saturday, 2.30 pm Saturday Playhouse
"The Lion in Winter," by James Goldman
At the royal family Christmas gathering in Chinon in 1183, Henry II and his estranged wife Eleanor of Aquitaine argue over which of their three sons should succeed to the throne of England.
Starred John Turner and Barbara Jefford. Clive played Geoffrey, the middle son (in between Richard Lionheart and John).

If you've heard Clive in a radio program, please email me with details.

Guy De Maupassant - Boule De Suif read by Clive Francis - Published by Penguin Abridged 2 cassettes . Running time 180 minutes.

Available from:

Somerset Maugham - The Letter and other stories read by Tony Britton and Clive Francis - Published by Penguin Abridged 2 cassettes . Running time 180 minutes.

The Best of Noel Coward ISBN: 1859982204 - Audio - List Price: $17.95 Publisher: Trafalgar Square - Published Date: 01/01/1997
Performed by: Clive Francis, Contribution by: Maria Aitken, Performed by: Michael Cochrane, Performed by: Polly Adams, Performed by: Jane Horrocks, Performed by: Paul Rhys, Performed by: Belinda Lang

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