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Park Ranger Timothy Park has a problem. In fact he has a couple of problems. Women have been hiking into the park where he works...and then disappearing without a trace. One of the last to disappear is his ex-girlfriend, which brings the FBI down upon him as suspect number one.

But soon Park will find that those problems were the good old days of problems. In the park right when another girl is abducted and her male companion left behind in bloody pieces, Park attempts to follow the trail and suddenly finds himself thrust through a portal into another dimension, or universe - somewhere, anyway, where magic reigns and the missing girls are being used for some evil purpose.

Park must draw upon all his resources, first just to survive, then to find the missing women and somehow return with them to his own world. Standing in his way are sorcerers, goblins, golems, and a host of other magical creatures who want to see him dead.

When reading a novel that crosses several genres, it's important that the characters be able to "survive the trip" - be believable in both worlds.

Author Tom Kiesche has accomplished this with Park Ranger Park. His protagonist, the 6 feet 5 with breadth to match Park Ranger is rugged, of course, conscientious, and very human, who finds himself thrust into a world full of unexpected dangers but who intends to fulfill his responsibilities and rescue the women who have disappeared in his park, or die trying.

Park Ranger Park is fast-paced, with fully-realized characters coming at us from every direction to pour yet more trouble on the hapless Park as he struggles to adapt to his new surroundings. He learns very early on who abducted the women - but he doesn't know why nor where they are.

Park's journey takes place on several levels - both emotionally and physically. There's a lot of character-driven humor here which doesn't detract from the fact that Park is fighting for very deadly stakes.

Park Ranger Park is a book - and a character - that you will enjoy.

Read our Interview with author Tom Kiesche.

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