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Virginia Living History Musueum

This third page consists of 15 photos taken within the aviary.

I've looked through my bird book, but I'm not sure of my identifications. If anyone can help...

Enjoy them, or go straight to page 4 of my Virginia Living Museum visit.

Unknown bird 1a. Immature Black-crowned Night Heron?

Unknown bird 1b. Its side. Its color is lighter here
as I viewed it from a different angle, or maybe
the sun came out for a second! Immature Black-crowned Night Heron?

3. Great Blue Heron?

4. Cattle egret?

5. Little blue heron?

6. American Wigeon?

7a. Black-crowned Night Heron?

7b. Blurry, I know, but gives you a look at the head. Yellow-crowned night heron

8. Green Heron?

9. Female Redhead?

10. Male Redhead on right? The others?

11. Male Redhead?

12. Male anvasback, female Canvasback?
A trick of the light. That male duck had a grey body,
not a white one.

14. Brown Pelican!

15. Brown Pelican!

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