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Langley Air Show: May 5-7, 2006

Virginia Living Museum: April 22, 2006.
Norfolk Botanical Garden: April 19, 2006.

I am a beginning birder and a casual photographer, located in York County, Virginia.

My camera is a Kodak Easy Share DX7590, a digital camera that has its good and bad points.

Good: I can take a photo and see what it looks like immediately. I can take an unlimited amount of bad photos and simply delete them, without cost to me.

Bad: The camera has to be turned on, and turns itself off after a few minutes unuse. There's also about a second's delay between the time I press the button and the time the shutter clicks. So taking good photos of quickly moving birds is a challenge.

My goal is to collect photos of birds, as well as various other flora and fauna that catches my interest, and display them on this website.

My Bird Photo Index: A linked index of all my bird photos, from the common such as robins to those a little more rare.
New Photos: My most recent photos of Virginia flora and fauna, tourist spots visited, sculptures or road markers.
ID Requests: As a brand-new birder, I need all the help I can get identifying birds. Please take a look at this page and give me any ideas on the names of the birds, animals, flowers and trees seen herein.
Blots on the Landscape: I live in a middle-class housing development, and bike there and in the adjacent upper class housing areas. And every day, without exception, I bike past garbage tossed or dropped onto the ground. I memorialize it here.
Flora and Fauna: Animals, flowers, and trees index page.
Virginia Bird List: An alphabetical list of bird species in Virginia, by common name.
Virginia Sculpture: Photos of sculptures outside buildings.
Virginia Road Markers: Photos of historical road markers.
Fun Stuff: Photos of museum exhibits, places visited, well-designed lawns, miscellaneous photos.
Suggested Links: Birding and other suggested links such as science fiction, movies, philosophy, etc.

This website began in April 2006.
Last update: April 19, 2006.
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