Winged Victory

"All those who see me, and all who believe in me, share in the freedom I feel when I fly."

Reviewer: Julie Welch

Julie Welch is a free lance writer, book critic and former professor of business at the University of Houston. She currently is a staff writer for, reviewing female authors and providing resources for business owners.

Book Brief-ings

Amelia Earhart

  • 20 Hours, 40 Min, by Amelia Earhart
  • The Sky's No Limit, by Amelia Earhart
  • Amelia Earhart, by Tonya Lee Stone


  • Promised The Moon: The Untold Stories of the First Women in the Space Race, by Stephanie Nolen
  • Almost Heaven: The Story of Women in Space, by Bettyann Holtzmann Kelves
  • Women in Space, by David J. Shayler and Ian A. Moule

    Pioneer Women Pilots

  • Before Amelia, by Ellen Lebow
  • Soaring Above Setbacks, by Janet Harmon Braggs as told to Marjorie M. Kriz

  • Daring Lady Flyers, by Joyce Spring
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