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Book Brief-ings by Julie Welch

Daring Lady Flyers: Canadian Women in the Early Years of Aviation
Joyce Spring
Pottersfield Press

While aviation is full of heroines known internationally, such as the USA's Amelia Earhart, countries around the world have their own personal aviation heroes to be proud of.

From 1910-1940, Canadian women began to take to the skies, giving the country a sense of pride and a list of their own national firsts.

In Daring Lady Flyers, author Joyce Spring provides descriptions and detailed accounts of some of the most prominent Canadian female aviators of the last century. She included short bibliographical accounts of twelve Canadian women and how their aviation experiences impacted their country.

Some of these women followed their husband's footsteps into aviation and others learned independently. Each of these Canadian women came from different parts of the, from wealthy families and from poor, from small towns and from big, and from the east to the west coast.

Pauline White is best known for her historic flight in 1926 in Dawson, flown together with Bennett (first name unknown). The unusual circumstances of this flight and White?s popularity within the region caused a media frenzy across the region and eventually across the country. People felt a personal connection to the sky after seeing someone that they personally knew take flight.

Louise Jenkins had a brief but significant aviation career. The papers called her the "Daring Lady Flyer" and she was described as a stunning, chic woman of the time adding to her popularity. Unlike many of her aviation counterparts, Jenkins was very wealthy. She was one of the first women to own her own plane and made several solo flights across the countryside.

While each of these women's stories is briefly told, the purpose of the book is to give you a glimpse into many different women's lives showing significance in Canadian aviation history.

Several Canadian firsts are described in this book including: the first Canadian women to fly solo, the first Canadian woman to get her pilot?s license and the first Canadian woman to get an Air Transport Rating. Spring includes approximately 50 photographs throughout the book helping to give face recognition to these remarkable women. Joyce Spring is considered one of Canada?s biggest aviation fans and has logged many of her own flight hours.

Table of Contents
Grace Mackenzie
Olive Stark
Dora Labatt
Madge Graham
Pauline White
The Breakthrough
Jeanne Gilbert
Esmee Cruickshank
Louise Jenkins
The Flying Seven
Vi Milstead
Elspeth Russell
Marion Orr
Helen Harrison
Daring Ladies

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