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Book Brief-ings by Julie Welch

Women in Space: Following Valentina
David Shayler and Ian Moule

In the 1960s, the Russians did what the Americans refused to do. Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova would become the first woman to orbit the Earth in 1963. It would take 20 years before the second woman (an American) achieved this feat. What happened in those 20 years? Why did it take so long for another woman to get inst space?

David Shayler and Ian Moule in Women in Space, present detailed information on the past 50 years of women's journeys into space. They chronicle the female astronaut?s missions, the steps that it took to launch them into space, the challenges, the disasters, the achievements and the contribution that they played into the overall mission of space travel for the world.

Forty women have flown into space between the 1980s and 1990s. It was a long and difficult road to achieve these milestones, but ultimately women achieved the right to be sent into space alongside men, as equals.

SaveCancelCloseEdit FileWhen finished, click Save or Cancel below. Change PermissionsReadWriteExecuteUserGroupOtherShayler and Moule include details about the original 13 women in the NASA program that were chosen to participate in the space program, but were ultimately not given the opportunity to take their desired flights into space - the Mercury 13, as they are now called. These women were crucial participants in research and training that led to multiple space fights of their time, including Neil Armstrong?s famous walk on the moon.

A few of the tragedies are also discussed, including the fatal Challenger launch.

The authors provide a wealth of historical data and tables throughout the book and within the appendix section, providing fascinating information about the space program and of significant milestones and achievements. The numerous references found at the end of each chapter add greatly to the credibility of their facts and opinions on this subject. They also included detailed information about what was happening around the world while the U.S. was building their space program providing needed perspective for the reader.

Politics, wars, technology and competition from the Russians are just a few topics of the many topics covered.

The book contains brief biographies on key female astronauts, including the American Sally Ride and the Russian Svetlana Savitskaya.

File VersionsWarning: RestoringThis is a great book if you are looking for an in-depth look into the space program?s beginning through present stage for women.

Table of Contents:

Into the Wild Blue Yonder
A Seagull in Orbit
The Right Stuff, the Wrong Sex
The Rocket and Plane and the Space Shuttle
Sally and Sventlana
Shuttle Specialists and Passengers
Stations in Space
Earth Orbit and Beyond

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