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Book Brief-ings by Julie Welch

Amelia Earhart: The Sky?s No Limit
Lori Van Pelt
Forge Books
While this book describing the life of Amelia Earhart does not contain any illustrations, the author's descriptive writing style is sure to captivate your attention.

Lori Van Pelt has written a lengthy description of Amelia Earhart?s triumphs in aviation in The Sky?s No Limit. This piece of literature provides an in depth look into the life of Amelia Earhart, designed to leave the reader inspired and ready to accomplish anything in their own life.

Readers get a glimpse into Amelia Earhart?s private life, going behind the scenes to show us more about the woman who captured the love of the entire world. She was a true trend setter, breaking rules defined for women of the time in hope to inspire people to follow their dreams, no matter how large they may seem. Amelia encouraged women to ?try to do things as men have tried.? She was a true pioneer of both aviation and women?s movements.

The writer describes Amelia Earhart news, so prominent in the world media at the time, as "different, personal; everyone knew Amelia."

Amelia's approach to life set the standard for modern women of today. In this book we also get an in depth look at her marriage to George Putnam and how they came together following several failed marriage proposals from Putnam.

We also get a glimpse into her creative ability to fund her expensive hobby and her notably crazy antics, such as climbing on top of barns and roof tops. Amelia was not only an aviator; but was a spokesperson, public speaker and writer. Her unique career drew tremendous interest from the worldwide media as she possessed the kind of spirit so many wished that they had.

Van Pelt organized the book in chronological order following Amelia?s life from childhood through her disappearance. The book's 217 pages provide many more details about her character than other bibliographies currently available. Some of my favorite parts touch on Amelia's ability to handle her fame, her humble nature and her contagious laughter.

While most of the book focuses on her flight career, these extra and personalized details give the book life. Most readers know the general details of Amelia?s life and career, the author's combination of factual data, personal quotations and personal information make this book easy to read and hard to put down. Table of Contents:

Some Aviation Firsts
Amelia Earhart?s Records

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