Winged Victory

"All those who see me, and all who believe in me, share in the freedom I feel when I fly."

Book Brief-ings by Julie Welch

Amelia Earhart
Tanya Lee Stone
Tanya Lee Stone has created a photographic journey into the life of Amelia Earhart. In this book for children, Stone uses only her first name throughout the book as she describes Amelia as "too fun-loving and adventurous" to use the formal style of first and last name - typical when one writes a biography.

This description of Amelia is carried throughout the book as the author takes us on a chronological journey of her life, from birth to beyond her disappearance. Amelia Earhart is an internationally recognized adventurer and aviator, who lived her life with passion.

We learn about some of the most intimate details of her life including:

-Her desire to stand on roof tops
-Her many books that were published
-Her unconventional views about women
-Her parent?s unusual divorce for that time and the effects it had on her

-Her list of "firsts" achieved in aviation The author is effective in giving us a true glimpse of how she lived and as a woman reading it, pride for her accomplishments. It is truly intriguing to learn about someone who had and continues to have a tremendous impact on people all over the world. The sense of hope that she gave women during that time and her willingness to defy social and cultural standards is easily seen in each of the chapters of her life.

While she was breaking world records and defying the standard for women, she still managed to have a fulfilling personal life. She is a true role model for modern women. We get a rare glimpse into her dating life, the multiple marriage proposals, her marriage to Putnam and even the perspective of how her male aviation colleagues viewed her. We also learn about theories that pertained to her disappearance and her tragic last flight.

This new bibliography is an informative and inspiring look into the life of one of the most adventurous women of all time. The author?s use of photos is crucial in making you truly understand the time era that she lived in as well as causing you to feel an almost personal connection with Amelia.

Historical facts placed with photos at the rear of the book act as an added bonus for history buffs. As you review this time line, listing her accomplishments and milestones, you are personally reminded that one person can truly make a difference in the world. Table of Contents:

Chapter 1- A Shooting Star
Chapter 2- A Tomboy by Nature
Chapter 3- Finding Her Way
Chapter 4- Amelia Learns to Fly
Chapter 5- An Aviator is Born
Chapter 6- Another New Start
Chapter 7- Lady Lindy
Chapter 8- "I Was Just Baggage"
Chapter 9- The High Life
Chapter 10- Races, Records and Rings
Chapter 11- The Fun of It
Chapter 12- Pushing the Limits
Chapter 13- The Fatal Flight
Chapter 14- The Search for Amelia

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