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Volume #1, Issue #5
"Stand By For Mars!"
May 2006

The Thunder Child
This Island Earth (1955)? Sourcebook

by Edogawa Ranpo

This Island Earth: Saucers and Mutants

When it comes to science fiction films, there are only two things that are guaranteed to become a garage kit, or some kind of model, sooner or later - space ships and aliens. In this case, the saucer of the Metalunans, and the Mu-tants of Metaluna.

The Saucer
Lunar Models put out a model called This Island Earth diorama.

It is available from
Maker, scale, initial release and medium unknown.

The Mutant

A small sampling of the garage kits featuring the Metalunan Mutant. More to come in future.

The Mutant by Geometric

The Mutant sculpted by Tony McVey of Menagerie

The Mutant sculpted by Hayao Hama, from Billiken of Japan


The McVey and Hayao Hama models appear courtesy of Bill Jones "Monster Jones" website. Click the icon to visit his site.
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