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    The Plot
    From Wikipedia
    Giovanni has developed an incestuous passion for his sister, Annabella, despite knowing their blood relationship. She, meanwhile, is being courted by a number of suitors, Bergetto, Grimaldi and Soranzo among them. She is not interested in them, however, and when Giovanni lies and tells her their love is permitted by the church, she tells him she loves him. They consummate the relationship, but Annabella becomes pregnant.

    To keep their secret, Giovanni's friar advises Annabella to marry. She marries Soranzo, who is in love with her but comes to despise her when he realizes she was already pregnant. He has his man Vasques find out the father of her child from Annabella's servant, Putana, who then has her blinded by Banditti. When Vasques finds out about the incest, both he and Soranzo are revolted. They resolve to have Annabella put to death.

    Annabella meanwhile has repented of her incest, and sends a letter to advise her brother. Giovanni then comes to see her, possibly aware that Soranzo is intending to kill her. He instead kills her and cuts out her heart.

    Giovanni then bursts in upon the Cardinal, Florio, Soranzo and Vasques. He carries Annabella's heart on his dagger, and admits to the adulterous relationship. His father, Florio, dies in shock and horror at this announcement. Giovanni stabs Soranzo in contempt and fatally injures him. However Vasques takes up the fight, and with the help of Banditti Giovanni is killed. The play ends with the Cardinal ordering Putana be burned alive and Vasques banished for murder.

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