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  • Stills of Loot (2004)

    Clive Francis as Inspector Truscott

    Clive played Dennis in Loot in 1968.

    The plot
    Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves, Hal and Dennis. Together they rob the bank next to the funeral parlour where Dennis works and return to Hal's home to hide the money. Hal's mother has just died and the money is hidden in her coffin whilst her body keeps on appearing around the house. Upon the arrival of Inspector Truscott the plot turns topsy turvy as Hal and Dennis try to keep him off their trail. Messing with the conventions of popular farce, Orton creates a hectic world and examines English attitudes and perceptions in the mid twentienth century. Loot has been described as a "masterpiece of black farce."
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