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The information in this FAQ is culled from all of the news articles listed on the Newstracker page, which serves as the bibliography. The prose herein, however, is copyright 2007 by The Mudville Megaphone.
This page last updated October 13, 2007.

[For Jacoby's 2007 Playoff activities, check out: Newstracker: October 2007. 13 articles there as of Oct 9, 2007.]

Question Answer
What is Jacoby's full name? Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury
Is Jacoby a full-blooded Native American? No, Jacoby's mother is a full-blooded Navajo, his father is of English and German descent
What are the names of his parents? Father: Jim Ellsbury - forester
Marjorie "Margie" McCabe Ellsbury - teacher
Does he have any siblings? He has three younger brothers: Matt, Tyler and Spencer
Is he married? No.
Can he speak Navajo? Jacoby knows a few words of the language, and can sing some of the songs. However, he is not fluent.
Did he grow up on a reservation? Jacoby grew up in Madras, Oregon, a small city near a reservation. He did spend one year on the reservation in Arizona, when he was 12, and his grandmother was ill.

This page last updated October 13, 2007

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