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Jacoby Ellsbury is the first player of Navajo ancestry in the major leagues. He made his major league debut in 2007.

This pamphlet-sized biography, available only on Kindle, covers his grandparents, parents, high-school and college, minor and major league career to date.

No fan of Jacoby Ellsbury should be without it!

  • Newtracker articles until October 2007. For Jacoby's 2007 Playoff activities, check out: Newstracker: October 2007. 18 articles there as of Oct 27, 2007.

    See inside the book:

    Introduction: the Single Red Sleeve

    In his not-quite rookie season (the last month of 2007) Jacoby Ellsbury became noted for his speed both on the base paths and in the field, and the reckless abandon in which he went after fly balls. He also wore a single red sleeve on his left arm. Why?

    "I started doing it in Portland, just to keep my arm warm. I've never played baseball where it was so consistently cold for the first month. We had a foot and a half of snow the first couple of weeks. It's just a sleeve, not a shirt. It felt comfortable for me, so it just became part of my daily routine in Portland and continued in Pawtucket."

    And now in the Major Leagues.

    At the start of the 2008 season, he didn't wear the red sleeve. But he started out slowly, and baseball players being superstitious, decided to go back to it. Is it a coincidence that as soon as he put that sleeve back on, his batting average has begun to climb?

    Personal Life

  • Yes, ladies, Jacoby does have a girl friend, Kelsey Hawkins. An athlete herself, she participated in this year's (2008) Boston Marathon.

    Jacoby was honored in his home town after the World Series last year.
    His father is the goateed man on the left. Presumably the short woman
    on the right is his mother.
    (Original caption ID-ed only father)

    At the time of this writing, this card is worth $75.
    September 11, 1983
    Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury was born on September 11, 1983, in Madras, Oregon (a small town on the east side of Mount Hood), and he and his three brothers grew up there.

    His father is a forester, working on the nearby Warm Springs Indian Reservation reservation; his mother, a full-blooded Navajo from Arizona, teaches children in special education classes there. The Warm Springs Indian Reservation is home not to Navajo but to the Warm Springs, Wasco and Paiute Tribes.

    Jacoby is officially registered as a member of the Colorado River Indians Tribe, with most of its people living on the Colorado River reservation, which straddles Arizona and California. Mohave, Chemehuevi, Hopi and Navajo live here.

    Warm Springs Indian Tribes website (Oregon)
    Colorado River Indian tribes website (Arizona)

    For more information, buy the Kindle book.

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