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Volume 1, Issue #5
"Stand By For Mars!"
May 2006
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The Thunder Child Photo Essays: Superman: The Musical
Photo essay and info by Edogawa Ranpo

After the commercial break, David Wayne
as Abner Sedgwick completes his song.

Max Mencken has witnessed Sedgwick's Cri de Couer
and comments that he hates Superman too.

"Join me, clandestinely, in one hour. I promise not to keep you past midnight."

Max breaks his date with Sydney so that he can
go meet Abner Sedgwick at MIT.

Sydney is not happy.

Lois enters, and Max attempts to ask her for a midnight date.
"You're the woman for the man who has everything."
Lois tells him to "Get lost." Max leaves, vowing to get even with her and Superman.

Sydney re-enters, giving Max the cold shoulder as he exits. She
decides to give up on Max...and Lois thinks of giving up on Superman.

Lois exits, and Sydney thinks she might give Clark Kent a try.
"At least he's always around."
Camera pulls back to reveal her 'center square,' then the act ends.

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