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Meter Made
M.D. Benoit
Zumaya , 2005
Review by Kristie Groves

If you like detective adventure, you will love his one. M.D. Benoit creates a world in Meter Made is comparable to Nick Spade novels, but mixes in parallel universes, alien technology, and an unknown foe that is causing reality to shift. Jack Meter, our hero, has dealt with the bizarre before, but this case gets complicated and Jack is determined to solve it.

The story begins when a new client asks Jack to solve a problem- one of his buildings has disappeared into thin air. As Jack follows each clue, he discovers the reason for the disappearance is actually tied to his own actions. In an earlier adventure, a clone for his love Annie had to be destroyed. In doing this, Meter had actually damaged the universe, and someone else was taking advantage of it to shift the contents of several universes.

Jack runs into a beautiful agent from the Intergalactic Agency, who is also investigating the rip in the universe. They reluctantly team-up and as they travel from universe to universe, they uncover clues as to who is not only moving buildings, but people as well. To make matters worse, they are being chased by bounty hunters.

Jamk also interacts with the Thrittene, a collective consciousness kind of race. They created the technology Jack Meter has on his wrist, which helps him jump from universe to universe. Unfortunately for Jack, it is permanent? and it has been acting up lately. Who knows where he will end up these days?or if it will even work! Jack hates to deal with the alien aspect of dealing with other universes, but it is part of the package and he deals with it as best as he can.

Jack Meter is a fun character, a cynical, simple guy, who loves scotch. M.D. Benoit makes the story a smooth read by using dialogue that is quick and sharp. Jack?s interactions with other characters is varied and interesting and you want to keep reading until the end. The story has enough surprising turns to keep even a seasoned reader interested.

M.D. Benoit
M.D. Benoit has a Masters degree in psychology from Saint Mary?s University, in Ottawa, Novia Scotio. She lives in Ottawa, Canda with her husband and her cat. Her books include Metered Space (2004), Meter Made (2005) and her recently released Synergy, about genetic warfare. Look for the new Meter adventures as well, Meter Destiny and Meter Parents. In addition to being a writer, M.D. Benoit is also an editor of such books as The Friendship Anthology and Looking in? Portraits of the Canadian Soul. Lastly, she is also a science fiction reviewer for The Eternal Night, an online review site from the U.K.

This reviewer recommends this read- great one for a rainy day read, where you lay on the couch with a sandwich and devour the book as you devour the food. It presents some ideas about physics, but on a level most could enjoy. Never hurts to try to learn while being entertained. I really liked the main character; his bravado was appealing to me.

I look forward to reading her next installment. Kudos, M.D. Benoit!

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